Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Days of Christmas (Christmas Card Letter #1)

On the first day of Christmas...
And so it begins again (remember last year's 12 Days of Christmas.)

Well, I started working on our Christmas cards today -- Danny helped. He's such a saint. And since I am behind deadline on writing the "suite family Christmas letter" (been my job since I was 12), I opted to leave out an official update on our mangum-family cards and give the blog address instead. Which means THIS is where I am going to post OUR MANGUM FAMILY CHRISTMAS LETTER!!!!

But I haven't actually decided what type of letter to write. I tend to be quite loquacious, as you all know, but I love it when I get ones (cards that is) from friends that highlight their families with three to five bullet points for each family member...

So I figured that would be a good start, eh?

So here we go:


  • working at zions bank as a SENIOR credit analyst
  • fun & super helpful daddy
  • looks great in argyle (sweater & socks)
  • studying for the GMAT
  • took his awesome wife to Boston for her birthday because that's the kind of guy he is

  • 10 months old - though and old soul (it's in his eyes)
  • Six teeth, more on the way - but still hardly ever cries
  • Loves his big boy bed (twin mattress on the floor) and will crawl into it for nap and bed time!
  • Rocking the Baby Bjorn potty (we hardly ever clean poopy diapers - huzzah!)
  • Saying goodbye to the bottle - only uses it with water at nighttime
  • trying to be all domestic and stuff
  • trying to be a good mommy
  • trying to be a good wife
  • trying, trying, trying...
  • And HALLELUJAH -- Ditching 'the pump' in less than two months!!!!!