Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sixth Day of Christmas - A plea for liquid gold

So I almost thought we might get more than a couple of posts without talking about breast milk... alas, it is not so. But this is not about me. It's actually a call to action, like ARUP but for mommy's milk. (Sorry, those of you looking for something witty/funny etc. This post hits a little closer to home.)

Anyway, today I received this message on Facebook from "The Mothers Milk Club Of Utah." (MMCU)

Subject: We need milk!

Hi Moms! We are running low on milk. We are feeding several babies and we were hoping someone out there knows of any donors. We just have one mom right now who is feeding her twins plus 4 other babies all by herself! Let us know if you know of anyone!

Robin Mothers Milk club collector

Emphasis added, obviously! But seriously?!?!? One mom, feeding twins AND pumping to feed four other babies?!??! I thought I was a saint giving some of Holden's excess to his cousin. I have been humbled.

So I know this is kind of weird to a lot of you, but if you know anyone in SLC or surrounding area with a stockpile (or even just a few ounces) of breast milk to spare, please contact Robin (801.273.0636).

Utah doesn't have a milk bank, but this is the closest thing. The milk goes to babies with serious issues like brain/head injuries, those diagnosed with cancers/leukemia and a plethora of other diseases. Additionally, (like now) they help adopted babies; and there's even a baby who's mother just died and the Milk Club is supplying breast milk to the father for the little one.

If you aren't familiar with the benefits of breast milk, they are immeasurable.

And if you don't know anyone, or aren't in a position to donate, I just ask that you set and intention (or remember in your prayers) that along with all those in need at this time, that the MMCU will be able to find some mommies to help out soon, and that these sweet little babies will be helped.

Love and thanks,


Caitlyn said...

Thanks for making me aware of this organization. I've been thinking it would be a shame to throw away my frozen stash of milk when I'm done nursing.

P.S. I love you in Glee.
I think you look a lot like Rachel.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Caitlyn -
Excellent point!
The MMBU will take milk after the 6 month period -- which is generally the recommended time period for holding onto milk before it expires.

So don't throw it away!!!

And I had heard that there was a character in Glee that I reminded people of, but I have not seen th show yet.

Guess Danny and I will be hulu-ing it up apres New year.

Anonymous said...
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