Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holden's Big Day

Can't believe Holden turns one tomorrow. Everything that comes to mind is a total cliche:
  • I can't believe how fast it's gone by.
  • They grow up so fast.
  • Yada Yada Yoda.
But it's all true, except the Yoda part. Maybe later I'll put into words what the experience of being a mother is to me...but I do not have the vocabulary or literary gift to do my thoughts (or my ever expanding heart) justice.

For now, lets just enjoy some 'mom film' of my little guy form the past few weeks. (You may not find these that interesting, but I am less than adequate at scrapbooking, so this has to serve more than one function.


Holden at the Children's Museum.. He's thinking inside the Box here.


Cousin Tatum begins his drum lessons so he can one day join a garage band and date girls that love him 'for the music.'

Here he discovers Mommy's snare (drum, that is). Kick that funky baseline DJ.

Apparently everyone needs a floor Tom. (You knew I was in a garage band right? Yeah, we weren't very good...but we were awesome, mostly in our own minds.)

Walking on SUNshine Salutations

Holden pushing a chair at Mama Suites (sorry the film is so dark and grainy...and there's a clicking noise. But when the magic happens, sometime you just have to shoot.)

Apparently our dirty clothes hamper is fun too...

Clean clothes should make you smile, but apparently NOT in this case.

The steps cometh... well done my little yogi

Excited for you Birthday Party Tomorrow. I love you, Good night.


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

He's such a wittle cutie!! Happy Birthday, Holden!!!

Mrs. Two Cents said...

What a handsome little little guy! Happy Birthday!


Mrs. Two Cents said...

Oops! I didn't mean to type out two 'littles'. Apparently, I can't type coherently first thing in the morning.

WIKKY said...

Man, he is a very loved boy! Cute little expressions!