Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Day (and my caloric intake)

Happy Birthday Bud,
I hope you enjoyed yourself today (and tonight). We're tried to make it special for you (pictures to come later).

Just wanted to reflect a little on where we were a year ago... We had been through a long 24 hours together (well, actually 10 months...but you know what I mean.)

And looking at the clock, by this time at night we were finally together...I held you, and tried to get you to nurse (you weren't real interested.) You drifted in and out of sleep; and so finally Daddy and I tried to get some sleep too.

It was ridiculous.

Your father would jump up every time you'd make ANY baby noise. So by the time I would finally drift off..after listening to you and helping you settle down... your dad would wake me up every time you made a sound. (He was not invited to room in with us the next night, eh?)

Just a few notes on your milestones this past month, and then we'll call it a day:
  • You started playing the drums
  • You can help put the blocks away after we play the knock them over game
  • You have eaten pizza (home made with wheat crust, etc...but pizza, nonetheless)
  • You sit in the bath tub and then lean to the most juicy forward fold AND try and drink the water from the tub
  • Yes, you have walked... form the living to the kitchen just yesterday (but you prefer crawling or pushing things to make your way around)
  • You are an excellent communicator -- especially when it comes to 'pointing' to what you want
  • Potty time is still going well
  • And you push your toilet EVERYWHERE
  • You can say Mama, Dada, Yeah, Obama, Oh and OM...
  • You've slept through the night a few times (10 hrs or more!), but you still crawl out of your big boy bed around 6 am to come and join Mommy and Daddy in our room and our family bed.
A few pictures added to the Facebook collection. Check out the updates here.

Love you Little Bits... sleep tight.


And the moment you've all been waiting for (just kidding). But I did write down everything I ate today... and if today's 'menu' is a precursor to what the rest of moth will be like, I could stand to do very well (I'm just so friggin' embarrassed about telling you what I eat!)

Here's what I wanted to eat:
  • Banana pancakes with butter and whipped cream for breakfast
  • Cake samples at Granite Bakery when I picked up the sugar cookies (party favors for Holden's soiree)
  • Sugar cookies
  • Cupcakes... and cream cheese frosting
  • Chicken sandwich and some fries from crown burgers
  • Papa John's pizza from Holden's bday party
  • Sugar cookies
  • Suagr cookies
  • More Sugar cookies
  • Some salad
  • CHocolate chip cookies
  • A cupcake with a side of sugar cookie
  • 5 more slices of pizza
But like I said, I was too embarrassed about telling you all (and too lazy to write it down). So my day went more like this:
  • clementine for breakfast
  • 5 'tastes' of frosting because I forgot I would have to write it down while I was frosting the cupcakes
  • (turned down the cake samples at granite and picked up the sugar cookies... did not indulge all day long!)
  • banana (shared with Holden)
  • another clementine (don't you just love those 'cuties?')
  • some crisp red peppers & tomato as I was making a salad for the party
  • The other half of Holden's corn bread muffin
  • 2 glasses of milk
  • Salad w/ blueberries, walnuts, feta, apples, grapes and poppy seed dressing
  • a sugar cookie (finally!)
Considering my house was filled with baked treats ALL day (and most of them I made), I'm actually feeling pretty good about things. If I could apply the 'just one cookie' rule, instead of eating 3 (or more!) every time I'm around sweets, I would be a new woman. Thanks for beginning the journey with me.

Oh, and I know I said I was just posting work-outs at the end of the week, but Holden and I did the Jillan Michaels 30-day shred today (good call Shaunts & Katie). Yogi's like work-out videos too. ;)

My teeth hurt I'm so tired. G'nite.

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Allison said...

Awe man you ate a whole baby orange for breakfast, what a heifer! Better add another work out video to your day if you're gonna keep that up!