Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Randoms

I feel like my brain is buzzing. I have to "do randoms" because nothing is connecting to anything... I mean my head is ALL over the place. It's like I started watching LOST or something... oh wait, I tried...it didn't work out, but I hope you lovers of the show are confused as ever and enjoying every minute of it.

  1. Four years ago today Danny 'officially' proposed.... Groundhog Day, how romantic right? Actually it was at 1 in the morning and totally romantic... he meant to propose on February 1st, but my flight was delayed in Saint George, and I didn't get in until after midnight. (Shortly after it was official... we were livin' it up in San Fran. We look so friggin' young!)
  2. Holden got shots today at the doctors (23 lbs and 31.5 inches, 56% and 93% isles respectively). He was such a champ. I held him, he got the first two with out any tears... didn't even cry until the third poke. My pediatrician (obviously) still thinks I'm crazy, but she nods and smiles and we love her.
  3. We had so many elephants decorating our house yesterday for Holden's bday party, the place could've been mistaken for a Hindu temple... (Thanks Christie for your FABULOUS art work on the mirror and windows.)
  4. Please tell me you've heard about this...if not, and you're in SLC, it's where the cool kids will be hanging out Friday night (or at least those benefiting Haiti.) Seriously, it's for a great cause... more on this later.
  5. Speaking of yogic bliss, I told Danny if he wanted to buy me jewelry for Valentines day I was in need of some new Mala beads. I picked out a pair at Flow Yoga SLC, but told him they were kind of pricey. He said, "How pricey?" (The pair I picked out were around 40-bux). I asked him how much he thought they were... He said "Nine dollars?" I don't think I'm getting Mala Beads for Valentines...
  6. You know when you hear the expression "Diaper Free" and all of these crazy images come to mind?... yeah, sometimes it's like that.
  7. The other day I went to a yoga class that was moved to a different room/studio/space/etc. It wasn't a big deal, just a lot of people in a smaller space. I was actually stoked because you this opportunity for great energy...and it's hotter than usual... and I feel like it's a great chance to S-W-E-A-T! One girl came in and asked to squeeze between two girls and one of them responded 'Do you think there's enough room?" And I kind of laughed to myself and then mentioned something about 'just needing a thumb between your mat' and she looked at me like I was crazy. But it's true, you know? We get so caught up in our personal space, and not being too cramped or crowded... Holden has NO personal space issues. What kid does? Isn't it perfect?
  8. The magic number for today: 156 lbs... This is painful.
  9. There are a lot of run on sentences and typos on my blog... you don't mind do you? (Except for Colleen, SkyWest Magazine's editor and Shaunts, SkyWest Airline's former editor...but they love me anyway.)
  10. Danny is laughing out loud on the couch next to me watching that Kay Jewlers "I've never seen a storm like this" Ad. I bet that guy spent more than $9 on his lovers jewelry....
  11. And I love this kid...

Food Log: For dinner I made stuffed peppers with jasmati rice, carrots, homemade chili sauce and cheese served with green salad loaded with more veggies & golden beets! Yummy. (I ate two.)

Lunch was (home made) wheat pizza with tomatoes & cheese and more salad.

Breakfast I noshed on potatoes and onions w/cheese (I'm sensing a pattern with the cheese)... The cupcakes were screaming at me all day but I am proud to say that today was a treat-free day. Also downed two glasses of milk and my water intake needs to be much better.


Cicely said...

I love that kid too. And his little friend there.

So you aren't snacking at all? Even healthy snacks? Or are you just not writing those down?

Shauntel said...

So actually I don't really notice typos and such. If I can help it, I only edit when asked to. There's a little editing on/off switch I like to flip.

I'd hate to have to use my brain more than necessary, you know.


Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

my snack yesterday was the pizza I started eating at 11:50 and didn't finish lunch until after 2... and I kept having ;tastes of my stuffed pepper mixture while I was making it, so I would count that as a snack since it was before dinner...

Am I going to have to start writing down times of tastes too?

Melissa: said...

Sabrena! I have been missing OUT (my computer died several weeks ago and so I'm not getting my daily blog fixes). I love your entries, you crack me up!

I can't believe what a devoted pumper you were, I am amazed, that alone is a huge, time consuming feat! What a gift to your boy and niece, I was really touched.

And is it me, or did Holden go from baby to toddler, just overnight? In his pictures he looks like a little tyke and not a baby (he is such a handsome little guy).

Thanks for your sweet message, and I can't wait to go swimming and learn more from the sage yogi/mama; like for example, where do you get all these yummy recipe ideas?

Erin said...

Um, so much going on since the last time I checked your blog! Happy birthday precious little Holden, Congrats on the medela burning (YEA!), love all the links, LOVE all the random thoughts. Love you!
and miss you. :(

WIKKY said...

Love that picture of you two! So in LOVE!!!! You guys are awesome!