Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holden's been tagged?!?! (Food, etc)

OK, not really, but at his party on Monday night the 'game' we played was to fill out a questionnaire and the winners got this:

I gave away all of our copies, but if you'd like to try your hand at Holden knowledge you can play along at home (or email me and I will add your creative replies to the collection (I'm saving the answers because some of the responses are downright cheeky.)
  • How much did Holden weigh at birth?
  • What is Holden’s favorite Hindu God/Goddess?
  • What is Holden’s favorite Sesame Street character?
  • What is the color of Holden’s favorite lovey?
  • Holden pushes a lot of things around the house, but what is his favorite thing to “walk” with?
  • What was Holden’s first word?
  • What else can Holden say?
  • How old was Holden the first time he rolled over?
  • How old was Holden when he started using the potty?
  • According to the Mangum scale, how much does Holden currently weigh?
  • Where was the first destination that Holden flew to?
  • How old was he the first time he flew?
  • What other cities has Holden traveled to via airplane?
  • Holden spends plenty of time in his parent’s bed, but where does he sleep most of the time?
  • What does Holden like to do at Discovery Gateway (the Children’s Museum?)
  • Every night before bed, Holden hears two books – what are they?
  • Holden is a great little yogi. What are some of the poses he can do?
  • What are some of Holden’s favorite foods?
  • What color is Holden’s favorite toothbrush?
  • What is your favorite ‘trick’ that Holden can do?
Oh, and I'll post the real answers later.

In other news... I feel like I've been hungry since Monday morning:

"I feel like such a heifer--I had two bowls of Special K, three pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, five peanut butter M&M's, and like three pieces of licorice."
-Cher form Cluless

OK, it's not that drastic. I really think I'd rather be hungry than over-full; which is how I usually am. I think it's just from not really eating treats yesterday...a lack of processed sugar can be such a downer.

As part of my experiment, I thought I would post a before picture.

Also, have you ever thought about how difficult it is to eat at the table when you're a mom? I mean, I didn't do it much single.. (well, I ate out at least once a day so I don't really think that counts.) But it is really hard not to just stand and grab a snack here, or nibble there...

But one of Michael Pollan's rules for eating is to 'eat at the table.' So I'm working on it... also, what's up with my trading one obsession for the next...first it was natural birthing, then breastfeedig, then pumping (down to once a day!)... NOW it's food? Oh brother, where is the balance, the sense of moderation?

Well, I guess I'll have to work on it... (just like everything else in my life.)

But while this is my focus, I might as well share... I mean, nobody's making you read this, eh?

So my friend Amy (I've mentioned her before)... I swear we're on the same wave-length or something, because I wanted to post the 'rules' Pollan outlines from "In Defense of Food"... but Mizz Naptime Nostalgia shared the 64 points from his "Food Rules." (Clicking on the link should get you to the posts fairly easily.) She's outlined in three sections, and honestly, it's worth a read if you haven't checked out Pollan's stuff before...There's a reason he has a cult-like following that's growing more mainstream every day.

PS. Anyone else perturbed with Biggest Loser endorsing Yoplait Smoothies? I came home from yoga last night to find Bob telling contestants it was a good idea?!?!? Last time I checked the ingredients included High Fructose Corn Syrup. Really? I mean, I know General Mills is a sponsor, but come on!

In other news, I totally H.E.A.R.T. Yoplait yogurt...We've been buying Nancy's Organic for Holden, and I miss the good stuff... bad stuff? You know what I mean.

I'm going to go make a smoothie for an afternoon snack...with Nancy's sans HFCS.

My Food Log (updated 9:35 pm)
Wondering why I keep posting this?

Potatoes & onions with chili sauce (there is a lot of sugar in chili sauce. Maybe I should've had the cheese instead.)


A carrot, a few orange slices, an apple, a few slices of cheese and a few olives

Lunch at Mama Suites:
(Here we go) 2 flaxseed/apple muffins, 1/2 an avocado, a few bites of carrots and potatoes from the stew Holden was eating (mmm, stew.) 2 pieces "special occasion" sourdough bread... too bad it wasn't a special occasion, eh?

What sounded good:
  • those friggin' sugar cookies
  • about 5 more muffins
  • Yoplait yogurt...obviously.
Dinner at Spaghetti Factory with the ladies...
Not my best effort - dinner salad with croutons, ranch and Italian dressing, spinich tortellini with marinara and WAAAAAY to much white bread with butter. OK yes, there are a LOT of simple sugars/carbs in this meal... but I really think my biggest problem was my portion size. I should've done as Pollan says and 'listen to (my) gut."

Oh well, at least I made it another day with out a treat.

And I ought to mention my little sister pointed out yesterday I didn;t mention any snacks and was that because I was lying about them... I didn;t really have any snacks (I recalled I took a lick of Holden's applesauce yesterday and started eating that wheat pizza at his doctors appt and then finished up lunch here with salad... so thank you for keeping me honest Cicely.


naptime nostalgia said...

Thanks for the shout-out Suite!

So my Michael Pollan journey is going pretty well. I found this new whole grain hot cereal for breakfast with real maple syrup and I'm loving it. Lunch and dinner are fairly easy to stay healthy with, but it's that late (7:30 p.m.) time period when all I want is straight sugar. Think gummy bears or sour patch kids. And I'm pretty sure they are not homemade. Oh well. At least I'm trying.

Oh, and I tried to make home made dulce de leche last night for some guests at our LOST party, thinking that I could have some cause it would be homemade (one of his rules) and it was a disaster. Much easier to just buy it in a jar at the store. But I will try again, because even though it looked funky, it tasted divine. I think it was the organic sugar. Love it.

Okay, enough novel for one day. Love Mr. Pollan, love your blog. i'm off to make curried vegies and tofu. Not sure Hubs is gonna be to thrilled with this dinner, but I'm excited! Let's hope it goes better than the caramel fiasco.

WIKKY said...

I love the show Clueless! Wow... you are doing awesome at logging all of your food. I can see that being a total plus because of seeing it on paper... makes it seem more real! You are doing awesome! Keep it up! you are one sexy lady!!!