Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sex Sells (or at least got people to my blog)

Remember my sexual resolutions? Mominatrix sponsors The month of Love (oh, you thought that was February? Hmmm, standby).. well, ok then...The month of Lust is coming to a close.

I will be honest, some of the challenges got a little racy for this Mormon Gal from the S-L-C. So I have not yet completed all of them (but we continue to creatively plug away.)

Danny has been very interested in my progress. As anyone who's been following along knows, not all of the challenges require a partner (get your mind out of the gutter).

I mean like getting refitted for a bra from Victoria Secret (as if I need the internet's permission to spend money.) But it was so nice to invest in some "lingerie" that was not of the 'nursing' variety (catch my drift?). A bra without FLAPs just seems, I don't know... sexier? Um, yeah.

Man, I am blushing at the computer writing this because I know there are people reading this blog that I see at church.

Moving on!

Another delightful task included making a sexy 'playlist'... Danny and I Got the Led Out and then some. 'It was legit.' (I used this phrase entirely to much in my early 20s... I know, embarrassing for me, right?)

The Mominatrix kind of has a potty mouth sometimes, so read at your own risk...but it has been an interesting "resolution" and one that I will carry well into the New Year and beyond (especially once I stop the milk-production and get the old hormones back.)

Additionally, this will make post #2 about "Joining the Sexual Resolution" in the month of January qualifying me for the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes -- or at least being entered into the Mominatrix's giveaway.


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