Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of Our Union

So Obama gave his state of the Union tonight.
Well done Prez, well done.

It got me to thinking:
Remember this photo at 25 weeks preggers?

Something must've worn off on Little Bits in utero, because after hearing all the news (on NPR of course) about the upcoming State of the Union address, this little guy has added a new 'mix' to his logarithmically increasing vocabulary.
Besides "Mama," "Dada," "OM" and "yeah" (we're trying to encourage "yes" instead), he now says

Ahhh, the brainwashing has begun. *Talk amongst yourselves.

*Or on my comments.


the farlanderz said...


especially -'talk amongst yourselves' (hahaha!) made me laugh this early morning grog off!

Hutch said...

I was pregnant when Bush was president...I wish I could have had a shirt that said, "Bush Mama." Now that would be cool.

Love your blog, Suite. :)