Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holden's Tricks (The Gorilla Makes an Appearance)

I told you I'd post the gorilla.
You may not think it's that great, but we think it's friggin' AWESOME!

Weekend Phblog:
Friday: Seriously "off day"... I think I had the 24-hr stomach flu. So the entire day's intake consisted of peppermint tea for breakfast, some other variety of herbal tea at the hair salon (gross), cream of asparagus soup, two pieces white bread and one bite of clementine. Saturday: Wild mushroom enchiladas at Z Tejas. We've had a gift card for a while, and hadn't used it yet. I really enjoyed the ancho-chili mole (pretty good stuff.) Holden loved my rice, the corn bread, and ate almost an entire bowl of guacamole. I felt like it was a big day for the entire Mangum clan, as I let Holden eat "Chain-Restaurant Food." For dinner I made (t)BLT's. Danny picked up some great whole grain bread, I had turkey bacon in the fridge and made sandwiches that rivaled any greasy spoon (but without the grease). We used cream cheese instead of mayo (not fans of mayo or miracle whip in this house), lettuce, tomato, avocado and Danny had the bacon (I opted out, of course). A little fresh made guac and a side of organic tortilla chips, glass of milk and we had an easy, breezy dinner in less than 20 minutes.


Alicia said...

Oh he's sooo cute!!!! Yum on the BLT's too :).

dynamike said...

He's incredible. I want to hold that little guy! Can't believe how big he's getting though- so smart and little boyish already!

P.S. we are huge fans of turkey bacon too... mmmm.