Sunday, February 28, 2010

PHBLOG! Last Day Best Day?

"If you believe, they put a man on the moon"
Just a random picture from our escapades at the Planetarium

As far as the title of the post, I can't really say BEST day, because I had enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie earlier this afternoon... But I am happy to say my little experiment (Eating Consciously - for my health and that of the planet, and recording every little detail for the blogosphere) has seemed to be very helpful for me. I think I will still weigh in on Tuesday (maybe even tomorrow?) for a natural close to the experiment, but I am definitely going to keep going with our conscious eating: thank you Misters Pollan and Bittman. It has been life changing for our family. (And on a more selfish and personal note: I wore the suit from our wedding dinner to church today -- haven't been able to fit into that for a while. And there was -- get this -- actually BREATHING room!)

Here's Why -or- What I've Learned:
  • Spending a little more money, for better higher quality ingredients means I am more likely to use them (and surprisingly save me money in the long run. First, I don't want them to go to waste; and second, the less tweaking I have to do the food to enjoy it. Think caprese salad with vine ripened tomatoes, fresh water buffalo mozzarella, EVOO and fresh basil.)
  • You can lose weight eating desserts, pizza AND bread -- but it just has to be done in moderation (and they really ought to be home made, from scratch and with as many whole grains as possible). We are primarily eating whole grain breads, pizza is home made and cookies are now a treat (eating one instead of six... unless you count that Superbowl Party, but I'm speaking overall.)
  • Giving up processed food and meat is soooo worth the trade off for a little extra butter in homemade soups, fresh cookies from out of the oven, and REAL food made with REAL ingredients by REAL people (as opposed to food-like products, made in factories.)
  • Cooking is a lot easier when you have loads of produce on hand (and spend a little time each week prepping. "Chop Chop")
  • I really enjoy cooking. Who knew? And i can do it, pretty fast...without the help of a can of cream of mushroom soup. HA!
  • Choosing into my health, my family and the environment has never tasted better.
A few apple slices to start the day (man I am not much of a breakfast eater. I have learned that too.) For lunch - Danny enjoyed the turkey-bacon BLTs last night, he asked for them again for lunch! So I enjoyed Whole gain bread with cream cheese, lettuce and guacamole (we ate the end of the tomatoes last night! Argh!) Some milk...And yes, I had that cookie I told you about; and for dinner I made whole wheat biscuits and butternut squash & carrot soup with a hint of tarragon: using the rest of the left over 'broccoli water', some EVOO, a teaspoon of butter and a dash of salt. (I usually use chicken stock in my soups, but the veggie water has been working out for us.)

Time to sign off. Thanks for being a part of my phblog.... the journey definitely continues.

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dynamike said...

I like the way you think, my friend. It's all about balance, moderation, and the JOYS of good, real food, right? This has been interesting for me too, and may even persuade me to make my own cookies for a treat instead of running to Duane Reade and stocking up on Easter candy... (aka, I have no intention of giving up sugar, but could stand to be more mindful of the kind of sugar I take into my body- especially when there are two of us at stake.)

Thanks for the inspiration.