Saturday, February 6, 2010

I should be skinny by now, right?

So it's been almost a week since I started our "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." experiment in lifestyle change at the Mangum-(suite-)Mangum household. Danny has taken to eating animal for lunch, and 'suffering' through peppers stuffed with rice & veggies and salads in the evenings.

Of course, it's been like six days (and I worked out every day this week), so I was obviously thinking I should be 10 lbs thinner AND have a six-pack by now. Ok, maybe not washboard abs, but at least the spare tire should be gone... right?

Except it's not.
And it NEVER works that way, does it?

Things I'm Feeling Good About:
  • Working out everyday (bless and curse you Jillian), and getting to two yoga classes this week, is really the best 'fitness' week I've had since Holden was born (yes, that's more than a year.)
  • That I have done a pretty stellar job trying to eat 'food' all week. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but cooking more meals at home, and not taking short cuts with food-like-products (like a protein shake for example, no preservatives, etc), I can tell a huge difference in how I feel.
  • And we've definitely been eating Mostly Plants -- just ask Danny.
  • And with the exception of last night's date night pizza, food portions have been more on target for a healthy lifestyle.
I could've done (or do) better with:
  • It seems like I've totally cut back on treats, but my food may look like I haven't given up much. (Monday's cookie, Thursday's lime decadence by Cassandra and last night's gellato.) But when you can tear up 1/2 dozen cupcakes (or more) in a weekend, apparently three treats in six days is something to feel good about.
  • I definitely need to be drinking more water.
I'm sure some of you may be wondering about my 'protein' intake, but I was a vegetarian for more than 10 years and vegan for part of college... all whilst I was a collegiate athlete (volleyball, thank you for asking).

As such, I'm not too worried about it, because lately I have tons more energy than usual and feel the best I've felt physically since before I was pregnant. Besides fat and carbs and whatever else is "in" or "taboo" with 'Nutrionism' seems to sneak in here and there when you don't even realize it.

This experiment of ours (ok mine), that I am forcing on my family because I am the one that shops and cooks, is about more than just losing weight though. It's also about the impact that we have on the world because of our food choices.

We're not perfect all of the time, but we're trying... most of the time. And who knows, maybe we'll end up with smokin' bods because of it!!!

Food Diary
Potatoes with onion, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and avocado. Ginormous salad with cucumbers, red bell pepppers, carrots, avocado, spinach and goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette. Bites of mango and blueberries whilst I was chopping up ingredients for Superbowl blueberry mango salsa. Six organic tortilla chips (organic-schmanic...they're still junk food, eh?) (Hormone free) chicken fajitas for dinner with golden onions, yellow and orange bell peppers, guacamole with pico, colby jack cheese and sour cream. Grapefruit.

I am looking forward to enjoying treats tomorrow for Superbowl Sunday. Finally my dang sugar cookie (and then some)!

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Alicia said...

Sabrena, you are great!!! Don't give up!! Eating healthier is a lifestyle change and no change takes place overnight. Look at the evolution of homo erectus to homo sapien took thousands and thousands of years. was totally worth it (okay, I really can't say that being erectus would be worse than sapien but I have to say that I really do enjoy my meat cooked and wearing clothing not of the animal skin type).