Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't waste your time reading this.

My day - no breakfast or lunch (for religious reasons, not because I was saving calories) and then a Super Bowl Party (which also happens to be Danny's family bday party):

salad with baslsamic dressing
fruit - pineapple, mangoes, red & green grapes...
veggies & dip, roasted red pepper hummus
chips and tomato salsa
chips and mango-blueberry salsa
chips and spinach artichoke dip
more chips, just chips for chips' sake

cookies (lots of cookies, an embarrassing amount of cookies):
-4 oatmeal butter scotch
-3 granite bakery sugar cookies

Texas sheet cake

I feel ill. And ashamed. Seriously, I told you NOT to read this.

Wondering why I posted my binge (without the purge)?

1 comment:

Shauntel said...

1. Sundays are the hardest days to refrain from treats.

2. Fast Sundays are death. You get home from church and you're like HAND ME SOME CALORIES. No?

3. I've found if I try to completely refrain from sweet treats, I end up totally blowing it after two days and consuming more than enough sugar to make up for the treats I previously passed up.

So...I try to limit myself to one or two sweet treats a day. 100 calorie packs are great, especially the Lorna Doones as they make a great sugar cookie substitute. And they're nice and portion controlled, something I really suck at doing by myself.

4. I'm glad you love and hate Jillian like I do. :)

5. I think you're brave (for posting this every day). Heaven knows my diet issues are top secret. And they are ISSUES.