Monday, February 8, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Are you singing the Bangles in your head right now?
Wish it was Sunday.
Just wondering.
Cause that's my fun-day.
I was trying to come up with a catchy title to say "more randoms,"
It's an 'I don't have to run day.'
But I lacked the creative fortitude to do it.

So let's just get to the matter at hand:

Way to go Kim Kardashian and the entire city of New Orleans. Superbowl Champs. I thought God would be on your side because you know: "Saints" and all. Which makes me wonder, if Utah ever gets a NFL team, do you think we'd be the Latter-Day-Saints?

My heart goes out to Peyton Manning, because I adore him. (His rookie season coincided with my time in Indiana.) So I was pretty much cheering for whomever was on offense. But I do think it's a great win for Who Dat Nation.

Last night I had a dream I was trying out for a volleyball team, but we had to 'do' yoga. So I got into this really juicy Vashistansa, and I felt like I was going to float off of my grounded left-hand... I mean, I felt so light. It seems counter intuitive right? Don't get me... ok, try to do it, right now, on your living room floor. Who ever feels like floating in this pose?

I felt so nasty this morning after last night's cookie-fest and sugar-splurge, that all my system could tolerate for breakfast was a spot of cheese and peppermint tea (I had one bite of of Holden's fuit this morning, but it was way to sweet). I feel like I'm back on the wagon...for today at least.

Holden and I went for a jog this morning... yes I put my son in a stroller, he did fine. He actually seemed to enjoy banging his feet against the back panel of the push chair. But our little 25 minute jaunt, seemed much more tiresome than that 5k from last month. Maybe it was the extra 23 lbs I was pushing. Maybe it's that you can't walk a block in my neighborhood without finding a hill, or 20! Maybe it's the elevation? Maybe I lacked the endorphin rush that comes with an actual race..I just know I didn't plod as far or as long today and it seemed a lot harder than the 5k. I don't know why I'm telling you (maybe just so my friend Em knows I've 'started'... sort of.)


I never learned the proper or correct way to type. That is why so many of my entries that are suppose to include apostrophes (') have semicolons (;) instead. They're right next to each other on the key board, and I am usually using my middle finger to hit the key (and my middle finger usually doesn't make it over.) I just thought you should know why that's my number one typo.

Besides the aforementioned breakfast, today's victuals included...
Snacks: grated colby jack cheese, 1 spoonful of yogurt I did not enjoy, bits of avocado and a taste of peppers as I was preparing dinner.
Dinner was actually quite a delight-
Spinach salad with grapefruit, avocado, yellow bell peppers, a hint of shredded colby jack cheese, blush wine vinaigrette dressing and fresh mushrooms.
"Meat"loaf Peppers: Red peppers stuffed with ground turkey (hormone free, of course!) and fresh onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. It was pretty good...would've been better with homemade chili sauce, but I have used up the last of our canned deliciousness, and it's probably better for us to do without the extra sugar, anyway. Also, I ate just over 1/2 of mine, so now I have something easy for lunch tomorrow. Holden even enjoyed his (sans pepper shell, of course.)
Oh, and I made white grape juice to go with dinner. I had some green grapes (from the co-op) that were about to call it quits --some already had-- so I found a recipe and improvised. Better than Welch;s if you ask me... curse you semi-colon!

Almost Forgot:
And if you're interested, my friend Christie took these of our front yard the other night. On a separate but similar note, we always get hunters parking in front of our home scoping out their prey. Apparently we've got a great view of the ridge line so they can track the deer's movements or something. I'm thinking of posting a sign out front because they all give me the willies:

Thank you for not stalking Bambi or his mom from our front yard. -Management



the farlanderz said...

the sign gets a big huge thumbs up from the farlanderz clan!

Anonymous said...

Now that you have "started," how about doing 10 miles with me, Boyd, Saundra and Reha on Saturday? In all likelihood, we'll be avoiding hills at all cost. Of course, Holden is welcome. But you'd better believe we're not putting Grant's 34 pounds in a jogging stroller; he'll be at home with a sitter! Emily

WIKKY said...

I just can't do it..... run with a jogger that is! It is one of my worst enemies. I get back from my run really pissed off because I couldn't use both my arms to barrel throught the hard parts. You are a better woman than I! Way to go!!!
Dinner time in March??? Sound good? I will let you know more in an email to all of the pod!!!!