Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kinda Seriously Bummed (or not)

8:30 am
So, the scale was not my friend this morning... it said I had gained 1/2 a pound. (Heavy Sigh.) Sometimes that happens. But I was actually kind of excited to 'weigh in' because I sneaked-a-peak mid-week and the scale said 152. So I was pretty confident I had lost a couple of pounds. Oh well...over all, I'm still feeling ok about this journey.

I feel healthier, happier.
The planet is reaping the rewards, right?
My clothes fit better.
Danny says I'm 'wasting away' ... bless his soul, I married a good man.
And even my brother-in-law mentioned I looked like I had lost weight.

But the most important thing is that how I shop, cook and approach food overall is changing... and so I have to remind myself that is more important than 1/2 a pound.

(Reminding myself, reminding myself... hope it soaks in.)

12-something pm
Stupid dumb OCD-like tendencies. Had to weigh myself again...(just in case.) And HUZZAH! The scale said 152.5. Apparently water weight really does make a difference.

And yet few hours later...
I give up! I was convinced it would say 154 again, nope... dropped another pound. 151.5?!?? Maybe my scale's is protesting because I am bothering it too much. Aren't you supposed to be heavier in the afternoon than the morning? This is exactly the type of behavior I was trying to avoid. (Heavier sigh.)

Moving On
In other news, I tried barefoot running today (as part of my workout). Just a mile, that's all...on a treadmill. No shoes. Just socks. Cassandra thought I was crazy. But I think it might be the answer to the bone spur in my left heel AND my arthritic knee (at only 32! So sad!)

To get me inspired for my barefoot running adventures, I also tried to check out this book from the Library:
Must be a pretty great book. There's a 4-week wait at County library system, AND the City Library has 20 copies, but expects about the same wait time too.

Anyone checked it out? (Sure, pun intended.)

Spencer D. is right: I need a Kindle.

Small bowl oatmeal with strawberries and whole milk. Apple, cheese, baked sweet potato, handful black olives, avocado, blanched carrots & broccoli, tapenade (I made from black olive, artichokes, EVOO dash of salt & ground pepper, about a tablespoon of onion in the food processor for deliciousness!) Home made Cheese (old standard) and Greek pizzas (new creation for us) for dinner. The Greek variety I made with Whole wheat (home made) crust - my tapenade, feta cheese, diced fresh tomatoes, grilled onions and fresh spinach.
I shouldn't have done this, but at 9 pm the cale says 152. I think I'm safe in saying I lost a couple of pounds this week.


the farlanderz said...

when you do run with shoes :) make sure they are big on your feet and that you have insanely fabulous insoles - might help your knee issues a bit = you probably know this but I like to try and advise people as much as possible apparently...

Shauntel said...

I'm not convinced that my running shoes haven't encouraged my multitude of foot injuries...why else do I need all sorts of fancy inserts and shoes to compensate for my broken feet? (Cue spinning, right?)

Anyway, have you seen these?


You can run barefoot, but your feet have a little protection. (I've not tried them - I'm just intrigued.)

And one more thing: take some MSM or Glucosamine. Does wonders for running injuries that involve tissue or cartilage.

Kourtney said...

I'm actually on my way to becoming a barefoot running convert. I would ditch the socks though so your feet are completely unrestricted. I'm thinking about getting VFFs.

There's a recent article on NPR.org about barefoot running. Worth a read.

BTW, you guys were in my dream the other night- I was taking holden up the hill to your house home from a party because you were going to stay and have a sleepover with your sisters. Pretty funny. I often have random dreams and sometimes get myself into trouble by sharing them, but I thought youd be amused.

Stacie said...

Hey Sabrina. So first off I just have to say I have loved watching your little "lifestyle change" over the past month. I have been addicted to sneaking a peak every morning at what you have to say. It's been motivational and I'm sure you look GREAT!

I have read that book and really enjoyed it. I can't give up running shoes because I'm still psychologically attached to them, but my mom and brother run barefoot sometimes and really think it works. Even on the treadmill. So I'll be interested to see what you think after you finish reading it!

-Stacie Stevens Anderson

Allison said...

You are too funny! Two years ago at the marathon I saw a kid running barefoot, I thought it was because of the rain. I wanna try those Vibram shoes just because I HATE putting on running shoes, not to mention the fact that my feet always fall asleep, (and yes I have loosened the laces?? you'll have to keep us updated on the barefoot progress.