Monday, February 22, 2010

Parties that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The Mangums have been party animals lately! Between Danny and Holden's birthdays earlier this month, a few dinner parties AND benefits/appreciation nights for the Planetarium and the Children's Museum (just got back this evening), our social calendar has been packed.

It's actually been wonderful. I feel like I'm finding a flow in motherhood... now that Holden's walking, and eating real food AND we've ditched the pump, I honestly feel like a new woman. (Not to mentionmy clothes are fitting better on this 'eating for the betterment of the planet-plan... so my spirits are a bit higher.)

So below are some pics from the Planetarium night.

Our Martian Chronicles

Max (nephew) on the Moon

Nitrogen Ice Cream!
Isn't Science Fabulous & Delicious?

The Happy Family by the fresh Doughnut Bite stand (oh, if I had one of those machines at my fingertips, it would be dangerous... like you're own private Krispy Creme Man... but without the silly hat.)


Yogurt, soy milk, and frozen fruit smoothie. A few bites of clementines & avocado; orange slices. A leftover whole grain stuffed pepper (mushrooms, carrots, spinach, whole grain rice, onions)... which Holden LOVED! Paired with spinach, strawberry, avocado and feta salad... a couple of rolls and some lettuce with 3 tomatoes at the Children's museum, and some 0 calorie sobe pear juice that I'd wished was plain water; vegetarian cafe rio salad without the chips on top and no beans (I really wished I like them, but ew...) tomatillo dressing, of course.

I am craving mint brownies right now, but I think I better stick to drinking more water.

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