Friday, February 12, 2010

Nothing Says Friendship Like Elephant Poop

Have you mastered the art of gift giving? Not me.

Yes I try to give gifts that are thoughtful, and personal... but sometimes I just fall way short and end up hitting up bath & Body Works for the scented lotion bit you know?

But my friends Marissa.... and Brandi... have mastered the art.

For Holden's Baby shower, (among other things) they gave him a picture book of Andy Warhol animal renderings.

They know me.
They know my likes.
They embrace my eccentricities.

On Wednesday they hit the nail on the head with a paperbox from here:

That's right, they gave Holden (and me) a box and paper made from recycled animal poop. To celebrate Holden's birthday and my 'accomplishment' of making it through the first year of Mommydom (or maybe it was my part time stint as a Winder Dairy cow.) Either way, it was the perfect gift.

Sure, it may sound odd to you...poop as a present.

But consider the following:
Sounds pretty perfect, eh?

Totally thoughtful.
Completely perfect.

Danny couldn't believe how much I loved it. He said that next time he needed to get me a gift he was going to remember how much I 'liked crap.'

Not "crap" Danny...elephant poop. Big difference.

Breakfast a few wheat waffle 'hearts' w/ maple syrup and a glass of OJ. Yes, I know Pollan says not to drink your fruits and veggies.


katie said...

i am laughing so hard at your twitter about danny calling you a goth. btw your food confessions are so fun to read, just because i like to see what is going on in other people's kitchens. i have two delish stuffed pepper recipes if you want em. (my word verification is "pregr"--is it a sign? oooh i hope not)

Spencer Davis said...

Sounds like a pretty shitty gift to me.

WIKKY said...

oh please, please send me a note on elephant poopy paper! that would make my day! It really is great to get a gift that someone really thought about though. I am with you on that one!

Meesh said...

That is so funny! Danny is right though, who knew you'd be so stoked about getting crap as a gift? I'll keep that in mind for future gifts :)