Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saint George Serenity

OK, I am behind on the food log. I know it. We're in SG and I have been jotting notes on paper because I left the laptop in SLC so this is on borrowed time.

So here's the food log.
We're running on Cassandra Suite-SMith time and activity agenda; so while I didn't work out today, between hiking, volleyball, playgrounds, etc. I'm feeling pretty good.

But today -
Whole Wheat waffles with a little splash of peanut butter. (I wanted some smuckers jam, but looked and the ingredients and there's high fructose corn syrup... whatever happened to 'with a name like smuckers it has to be good?'

Lunch - Spinach salad with a few bites of grilled chicken, a bite of Danny's pizza, and a sugar cookie... a piece here and piece there. Whole wheat tortilla with melted colby jack cheese; and some Winder Farms milk.


Dinner we went to Five Guys. Yeah, I'm not really doing the meat thing; but the bun loaded with veggies -- grilled onions and mushrooms especially was great. And I love their fries. Yes, I had fries. Remember I'm not on a diet... I've just given up HFCS and preservatives mostly.

And I indulged in a 25 Main cupcake... just one. A small yet GREAT feat for yours truly. I ordered ONE peanut butter chocolate cupcake and waited to partake until I was home with milk.

Saint George is perfect.


WIKKY said...

Five guys = yum!!!! Glad you are able to partake of the yumminess!!!! Enjoy St. George!!!

Meesh said...

I love 25 Main cupcakes too. I always go after 7 pm so I can get them cheaper and buy more of them!!! I am going very soon and will be hitting that place up too!