Friday, March 19, 2010

Barefoot and Pregnant?!?!

Just kidding- kind of.

I'm definitely NOT preggers, but I have continued on this little *barefoot running journey I mentioned weeks ago.

So here's what I've tried:
  • Running in socks on a treadmill (ok, but not ideal)
  • Running without socks on a treadmill (much better than with the socks)
  • Running outdoors on the pavement, and sidewalks and grass in socks (not too bad)
  • Running outdoors on the pavement without socks (this was WAY too cold for early March pavement, and I am not tough enough for this...yet)
  • Running outdoors on the pavement and the sidewalks in socks with a single strip of duct tape on my sock covering the ball of my foot (this one was a nice combo for my 3 mile plod)
So how does it work? (Well, there's some info here ... and more info here) and even at (gasp!) Runner's World where they say:

"When you run barefoot, your body precisely engages your vision, your brain, the soles of your feet, and all the muscles, bones, tendons, and supporting structures of your feet and legs. They leap to red alert, and give you a high degree of protection from the varied pressures and forces of running."

I'm not sure if my body does all that for my plod, but I am happy to report I still have no knee pain, and my bone spur in my heel has yet to affect me. Granted, most of these runs are in the 2 - 4 mile range (usually closer to 3). So maybe at longer and faster levels it may be different?

But maybe not?

Some of the folks at Haaaahvad point out that:

"...most forefoot and some midfoot strikes (shod or barefoot) do not generate the sudden, large impact transients that occur when you heel strike (shod or barefoot). Consequently, runners who forefoot or midfoot strike do not need shoes with elevated cushioned heels to cope with these sudden, high transient forces that occur when you land on the ground. Therefore, barefoot runners can run easily on the hardest surfaces in the world without discomfort from landing." From

Either way, the Library called on Thursday to let me know my reserved copy of "Born to Run" is ready to be picked up (somehow I ended up with the Cd instead of the book, but it's a start).

Either way, my journey continues.

*Obviously the very nature of wearing socks means you're not literally BAREFOOT, I get that... but you know what I mean. And I also am the first to admit that the speed at which I am moving can hardly be classified as running... but we're speaking in larger meanings here, eh? Cut me some slack... just over a year ago the doctors cut open my stomach, took out a baby, along with all of my insides and then put them back in. I've had a slow recovery. ;)


Emily Redd said...

Okay Sabrena...First, I'm sick I missed the last little "high school" schindig because it would have been so fun to see you. No pun intended there because I really was home barfing my brains out. I was literally on my way there when I had to call whit and tell her I was turning around due to some alien that was taking over my body very quickly.

Anyway, besides that....I'm better now and 12 lbs lighter due to throwing up for 6 days straight but I want one of those cupcakes. However, I am starting a new thing to help me with my disease. I don't know if you knew i had IC (Interstitial Cystitis) Way too big of a word. However, I am now officially a VEGAN!! AHHHH! I can't believe it.

Also, I really want to start a yoga class because I think this is one of the things my bod could actually handle and help me get some of this extra weight off from being so sick for 5 yrs. What do you think? Where do I start and where do you teach? Call me, you have my #!! xoxoxx Emily

also, I told Whit that LIsanne and I would plan the next get together. How do you think a Vegan restaurant would go over??? hee....hee...

metcalfruf said...

it's so funny i read this today cause when i was on the treadmill this morning i was wondering what it would be like to run without my shoes on??

Erin said...

I thought of you the other day in Central park when I saw a whole crew of runners doing their thing completely barefoot. Pretty intense!

P.S. I'm coming to SLC April 14-17... I MUST see you!!!!

WIKKY said...

Suite! I love that you are running barefoot! I just wish I could witness this firsthand. I may have to come out to see you!
Glad things are going well!!!!!
Enjoy the warmer weather...

Meesh said...

I have gone back to shoes but not forever, I may actually try the outdoor barefoot thing soon. My knees are still a problem! I am proud of you for getting in shape. You do look great BTW!