Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day = Free Sin!

So you know I'm Mormon, right? Latter-Day-Saints (aka "Mormons") come in all different shapes and sizes; and like any other religion, we come with a spectrum of devoutness ranging from 'not active or interested' to 'go-go gadget nearing perfection.' I would consider myself somewhere in between...I try. I feel committed. I am not going to lay out exactly what that means, but I will say I believe it and I try to do the best I can.

So those of you familiar with the LDS protocol may be wondering what a bottle of Guinness is (was?) doing in my kitchen.

Well, Danny's not a fan of corned beef and cabbage (ew, me either! Surprise, surprise...)But I still wanted to cook something with a little Irish Flair for St. Patty's day. So we had potato quiche for dinner (hello, Irish potatoes?!?!?), and after hearing Nigella Lawson's bit on NPR about Guinness Chocolate cake I figured cupcakes would be a nice treat for the holiday.

In fact, I even thought about taking a sample to the Mormon ladies I 'visit teach' ... but wasn't sure if they'd think it was funny or offensive. (There's that whole "Word of Wisdom/teetotaler thing").

But as the luck (of the Irish) would have it (or not), the cupcakes didn't exactly work out as I had planned. Yes, please note the giant holes in the middle of my sinful chocolate creations.

Apparently you cannot substitute melted butter at a 1:1 ratio for vegetable oil. Everyone knew this but me, huh? I had to ask my friend Ashlee about it.

Ah the misadventures of Yours Truly continue in the kitchen...

But I was not about to wave the white flag so soon! (I've been in much worse kitchen situations than this!) So I made the cream cheese frosting, and just filled in the holes... and you almost couldn't tell. But I did opt out of taking them to the Relief Society Sisters... instead just one very daring friend, who incidentally happens to cook with bourbon...and Jesus still loves her too.


Melinda said...

Q: How do you keep a mormon from steeling your beer?

A: Bring two.

You'd be quite surprised how true this is ;) I don't mean to offend, to each his own, right?

Funny cupcakes by the way.

Emily Redd said...

First, I SO AGREE with you. I think we all have our issues and beliefs and do the BEST we can with what with church and "BEING" Mormon, right? I SO HEAR YOU THERE!!!! I think you may sometimes read my mind...

2. Love, the Irish themed! And, I totally would have taken them to your V.T.'s ....Awesome!!

3. Am I just not cool enough to make your blog list or what? j/k !!! Okay, so now that we could never make a date to get together to do Holden's pics I'm dying to take his pics because he looks so darn beautifully cute! Call me and we'll make a date and I'll JUST DO IT...JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO!!!! Plus, I just need more pics of babies, it's my fav for candids! It would be so great to do those photo booth canvasas of him w/ candid shots and I've been dying to try this out on a little one his age so call me and like I said; I'll just do it!

WIKKY said...

Man, those look really good! Congrats on successful cupcakes! They look great!

Cicely said...