Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Me: "Hey Holden, look at Mommy.
I want to get a picture of you at the stylists for
your first official hair cut!"
First shot at Landis Aveda Salon, earlier today.

"Look at Mommy. Look at Mommy... dangit, blurry again!"

"Holden can you say hi to Mommy's friend Logan?"
Holden is trying to figure out who this guy is...
(He's our stylist Holden, sheesh!)

Logan puts the cape on Holden,
and he is still trying to figure out who this guy is....

Logan starts to snip away.
Holden's in my lap and does really well...

But the kid's only 13 months old... and I don't think he really understood that he was supposed to be keeping his head still. Plus there are lost of fancy people in this salon, and Holden was checking out all the hot little female stylists. I think he was wondering why his mom doesn't dress more fashion forward. (I pledge to try harder.) He never cries, or complains, but definitely wants to pull a B-52 and ....ROAM!

The haircut is finished, Holden gets a mighty cute faux-hawk AND "product." (I've put Burt's Bees lotion in his hair, but that's the extent of his hair care adventures). And I try to get a picture of him for the camera. . . it goes like this:

Thankfully, Logan offers to snap a couple of Mommy and Son, and so the day is well documented!

Camera 1

Camera 2

(well sort of)

I thought about not posting this because one of the gals at the salon took it... I don't know why midway through the shot she decided it would be better to turn the camera sideways... but oh well.


Alicia said...

He did awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

It looks amazing! Perhaps we should get Jonah a real haircut one of these days- we still just do it ourselves in the bath (and you can tell... eek!)

P.S. you still have time to grow wheat grass for Easter... that is a fantastic idea! I'm stealing it from you.

It just takes a week to grow that tall so you have a ton of time- all you need is some sort of container (we used a small glass jar), an inch of potting soil, about an inch of wheat berries just on top of the soil (you don't bury them, just let them sit on top), a little water, and a lot of sunshine. We watered it a tiny bit every morning and just watched it grow, nearly before our eyes. It was awesome.

Meesh said...

Holden looks so handsome. It makes him look older for sure. Sad, he is getting to be so big. Boy do I wish Jonathan had some hair to cut!!! We will settly for his little mowhawk in the back. It's very cute.

WIKKY said...

Love the hair do! I can't believe how well he sat. Ethan will still not sit... He FREAKS out and I have to restrain him with all that I have. Who knew a two year old was THAT strong????
He looks really cute!!!!