Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicken Little and Other Weekend Adventures

This weekend I...
  1. had a moment of covetousness when my "cousins" showed me their urban chickens. (Soooo awesome!)
  2. was surprised to hear Holden say 'chicken' and also 'cat.'
  3. injured my foot (barefoot) running...(yeah, I know you're not surprised to hear it. No I did not step on glass or anything like that; it just started hurting at mile 4 on yesterday's jog. I don't really 'get' it. maybe I'll share details later.)
  4. but, was pleased to discover that Holden really enjoys a hockey game.
  5. worked in the yard cultivating the soil (ha! I was really just weeding and adding 'Bumper Crop') AND planted the strawberries
  6. attended "Earth Jam" at liberty park...had hummus, and cheese pizza.
  7. ate way too many cookies at Emily P's dinner party.
What a blessed weekend.

Some pictures to peruse:

(Friday Night)

Holden in the Zion's Suite... the kids loves a Hockey Game

Holden's new friend in the suite...Little Bits was trying to get a hold of concierge for more food, but apparently didn't understand you 'call for food' not 'eat the phone'...

Mmmmm, delicious.

What a great Friday night... the fam loungin' on the couch inside the ECenter Suite
(I'm sure it was between periods)

Holden's "Friend" took this picture:
I think he did an excellent job for only being a 4yo

Our photographer

The boys...

View from the Top

SECOND: Visiting the Davis's Chickens.
(Saturday Afternoon)
They are so awesome! (The Davis's AND their urban chickens!)

Holden was interested, but not sure if he was ready to 'pet' them... yet. Apparently they seemed way more unpredictable than say, dogs....

He liked looking at this one. I can only assume because it was inside a house.

Scoping things out.

"Come pet the chicken, Holden."

Hmmm, not so sure about this adventure.

Getting braver...

getting even braver with Mom's help

Self discovery

Danny volunteered to take the picture. (Holden was much braver with the chicks than the Man of our House. So here we are with Ian and Katie and a few of the delightful birds.

PART THREEL Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Sunday Afternoon

The last couple of shots are of Holden and his friend Luke (and Luke's Dad's hand in this one.) Taking a little break from the excitement from the dinner party at the Poulsander's to finish off a perfect weekend. I ate waaaay to0 many of her chocolate mint cookies. I told her I didn't want the recipe, but only because it would be dangerous if I had them easily available... The food was awesome and she and Boyd were tremendous hosts.

Thanks Friends, SLC and tremendous weather.


3703 said...

The eggloo was amazing, right? I am going to get one for my basement. I was afraid of the birds too, I kept thinking that they were going to peck my hand.

I guess they haven't learned that we are afraid of that yet.

Ian said...

Thanks for visiting! You are welcome at Davis Farms any time. Can't wait to trade some of our farm fresh, free range eggs for some of your amazing fruit from your fruit trees!