Monday, April 26, 2010

I know why I got injuried

So yesterday I mentioned I got injured while running this weekend. I don't know how, but I understand the why:

Barefoot Ted says:

"Barefoot running is not about blocking or pushing through pain, or at least it shouldn't be. Rather it is about tuning-in to your own body's highly sophisticated set of integrated awareness systems, systems that communicate through feelings and senses that are being collected in real-time as you move."

When my foot signaled "Something's not right," instead of stopping, I thought, "I have two more miles to go."

I didn't listen to my feet.
I didn't listen to my body.
I tried to push through the pain.

In yoga, we practice 'ahimsa' or non-harming. Some people think it's all about not harming animals, and thus you naturally get a lot of vegetarian yogis. But it's also about not harming ourselves.

I didn't practice ahimsa on Saturday at mile four of my run, and I am paying for it. My ego got in the way.

Ah experience is such a strong teacher.


Spencer Davis said...

Maybe you got injured because you're not wearing shoes? I think you are will find that you will soon be black balled by the barefoot runner community because you are the first one to admit publicly that you were injured as a result of running barefooted.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

That's funny you mentioned being blackballed Spence.

Today I got a package from 'BFRM' that had a tasteless odorless powder in it. I can only assume the acronym stands for "BareFoot Runners Militia"... a fringe militant group within the fringe militant group that is the barefoot running subculture.

There was a nasty letter attached.

I think they know where I live.

I shall continue to blog in exile.