Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally Getting a Pair...

You know that expression "grow a pair?"

Me neither, because I'm buying some...shoes that is. Well, if you can call these shoes.

I ordered them online tonight.

I tried on a pair about a month ago (my cousin turned me on to them), but wasn't quite ready to fork over the cash. But Friday night I had decided that Saturday was indeed a special day, and I'd make the big purchase before my Saturday run.

But the barefoot universe had something else in mind...Apparently these suckers are all the rage because EVERYONE WAS SOLD OUT.


The Salt Lake Running Store? Sold Out.
REI? Sold Out.
Even St. George Running? You guessed it, sold out.

And apparently the company can't make them fast enough to keep up with demand (gah!). They all told me to keep checking back, but that they weren't expecting a big shipment until this summer.

Thank goodness for the world wide intrawebs (Al Gore, I salute your efforts.)

I found a pair...And there were only seven left in a size 37 on the Vibram website. Scratch that... there are now only six pairs left.

The journey continues...


Jo said...

My friend has these and absolutely loves them. He runs, climbs, hikes, goes to work in them! They do tear though if you are wicked rough on them, so no climbing Mt. Everest or anything Ms. Athletic ;)

WIKKY said...

I am so glad you found those. My neighbor wears his everywhere! They will be perfect for your running adventures!!!!

Jenn said...

Way to go. I can't wait to hear how you like them. I'm headed to buy a new a pair running shoes today. I, unlike my clever cousin, am still a slave to the overpriced running shoe industry. I can't wait to watch you run past me in your awesome footies at the next marathon!

Allison said...

Yeah! I too got a pair for my birthday a few weeks ago! I love them. Which ones did you get? I got the classic and I really like them, But I can see the benefit of the strap on the KSO, plus in SLC I think they would be better for the weather. One thing I was not expecting was blisters, which was minimal, but still, don't expect your feet to instantly be used to them. How exciting!