Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maui - Part 1

A few of the highlights from last month's Maui excursion.

The trip begineth

Holden had a lot of energy at the airport (this footage was taken at 6 in the morning). He discovered the 'smart carts' (wished I had video of that adventure!) and had everyone at the airport in love with him (what's new?) I think it's good for the business traveler to see a toddler before they begin their "road warrioring." (Yes, I just made up a word.) If you look/listen carefully you can almost hear him say 'hi' back. It's a word we're working on... along with 'un-i-ver-sal-health-care.') Do you think he looks like ET from the back?

Music is My Aeroplane
We flew US Airways via Phoenix; but Holden was too amped to sleep until the PHX-OGG leg. But what a blessing as the flight had headwinds and it took 7 1/2 hours to get there (PLUS the SLC-PHX leg AND our 2 1/2 hour layover.) He did amazing. People kept commenting on what a great little traveler he is. I wished I slept as easily on a plane as Little Bits does/did.

Life's a Beach
Holden discovers the sand at Makena

Figuring things out at Kiki Beach

More investigation at Kiki. I think this was right before Holden tried to eat the sand, and the water...

Holden actually preferred the waves at Makena. The kid loved how the undertow pulled him over and the waves splashed all around. He was fearless. We actually wished he had respected Poseidon a little bit more. Water safety will be a big part of our summer escapades.

The Mangums at Kiki Beach. My husband and my son need tans. I cheated with a Spray-on mystic before we left.
(Danny will get one (a tan, not a mystic); but I keep Holden clothed and covered with SPF 50 the entire vacation.)

See the entire photo album here.

More pics to come...

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