Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maui: Part 2 (some of my favorite Maui moments)

- Danny being a great Dad -
At the Condo

At the beach

Anne & Daniel's Hawaiian Wedding (Danny's sister and our new Brother-in-love).

She was a beautiful bride, and he got teary eyed as her Dad walked her 'down the aisle'

Four Generations at the Wedding
Holden Daniel Mangum, Daniel Garth Mangum, David Garth Mangum & Garth L. Mangum

Beach Front
At the beach. I tried to crop this photo as to not expose too many wobbly-bits.
(I am seriously lacking a 6-pack but got a little daring beachfront since I had lost 15 pounds in the last couple of months.)

Morning Walks..
On a few occasions, Danny and I would take turns going for runs in the morning...and since Little bits was up at 6 local time, we would use the opportunity to roam around the condo property and let him explore. I loved how excited he was about the plants and grass.

On this occasion (feature in the pic above), half the fam had made the trip to Makena and we stayed back so he could get a good nap and then have our own little adventure. We're on our way to the beach across the street. He senses excitement in the air. I had not put my sunscreen on yet (his, yes, mine-no) and will suffer the consequences...

Sunset at the Marriott Luau
My sis-in-love who models was trying to teach me how to hold my arm because I kept complaining about how my arms always looked fat in pictures. I may look awkward, but at least it's a good angle on my bicep.
Now if we could just do something about the love handles...

This was my first official luau (my plate of gluttony showcased above). I danced the hula on stage, drank way to many virgin pina coladas and ate almost every dessert they offered. (I did not feel well on the ride home to the condo. SUGAR COMA!) I did stick to honoring my 'no meat except h20 dwellers declared ok by Seafood Watch' on the trip. I ate local varieties a few times that were rated as "Good Alternatives."

Danny tried a bit of everything. Though I must say his chicken smelled and looked awesome!

Worn Out!
This was taken mid-week, but it kind of sums up how we felt when we got home. And we really did wear Holden out! He was such a champ. We are still trying to get him adjusted to Utah time, a week later.

If you didn't catch the FB link on Maui: Part 1, you can check it out here as well.


Melanie said...

WOW Sabrena those 15 lbs did you well. You looked great before and now you look FABULOUS!

Shauntel said...

Um hi. You look hot. Seriously.

Way to rock a bikini. If I fit into a matronly tankini again someday, I'll be a happy camper.

You go girl.

WIKKY said...

Love the picture of the food. Craig does that with every meal!!! Just to document how good it is!!! The desserts are delightful! Did you try the white squares that looked a bit like jello?? Sooo good! Reminds me of when my mom used to make those for us (she used to live in Hawaii so brought back some of the yummy traditional food!)
Anyway, love that you had so much fun!

QNC said...

Hottie with naughty body! You look amazing. We probably won't be joining you at the pool much this summer, my ego can't handle it.

Lisanne said...

I LOVE Maui! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Just wondering where your "posing with my snorkel mask on" pictures of you and Danny are? Don't let Whit and Craig out do you!! :)