Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Recession) Day Spa Cookies

So the past week I've been indulging in spa treatments...Jealous?

  • exfoliating salt and sugar scrubs
  • luxurious body butters
  • relaxing to the heavenly scent of lavender
  • invigorating the body with fresh mint wraps
Sounds pretty swanky, doesn't it? And expensive, but it's actually just some ingredients for cookies I've been making recently... not so much camping out at the local Med spa.

Danny said I took all the things I like about a lotion and made them into a cookie. It's kind of true. I found a recipe online for Lavender-Mint Shortbread, tweaked the recipe a little bit and whipped up a couple of batches this week.

They've come with mixed reviews.

While Danny can do without them, Holden and I love them.

In fact, here's a few shots of Little Bits helping me...

...more like 'helping himself to the dough.'

A gal at a recent GNO sewing club said "They taste like you made sugar cookies and had essential oil on your hands." (I didn't take it as a compliment.)

My cousin-in-law made a remark about not really needing to eat more than one. (I think it's because they're plenty sweet, but the mint and lavender provide a one-two-punch that catch your taste-buds off guard.)

My sister, who hardly ever indulges in treats (and has the figure to show for it), ate seven of them in one sitting... her kids love them too.

So I don't get offended by the mixed reviews. In fact, I feel fancy just saying 'lavender mint shortbread.'

I think they're decadent. And not because they're hard to make, but just because using ingredients like lavender and fresh mint from our 'garden' (ok, the mint's actually over-grown into our lawn)...well, it makes me feel a little bit posh with the kitchen aid.

So I've included the recipe here.

If you need some mint, stop by my house... it's plentiful. And I've most likely got some lavender on hand you can use as well.


The Lamoreauxs said...

Kudos to the creativity! I always end up rotationg the same 5 recipes. Any time I try something new, Brett makes a face. I had to trick him into trying turkey bacon. haha

3703 said...

Lavender is for lotion not cookies. Since you seem to be creating spa-fusion cookies, please let me know when you make Cucumber Melon.

Meesh said...

Another weirdo on your BLOOOOOG! But in all seriousness, i thought they were good. If something has butter and sugar in it, how can you really go wrong. Very fancy stuff.