Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

While I continue my boycott of Arizona over their new racist immigration law (call it what you want, but I prefer to call a spade a spade), my plans to host family for a Cinco de Mayo dinner went on with out interruption. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the folks in Mesa.

Grandpa T.O.M (The Old Man), my Dad with our party
sign made by Tatum that reads "Cinco de Mayo."

Anyway, I have mentioned before that my father's biological mother is from Central Mexico; and while I have never met the woman, or ever called or thought of her as 'grandma'... her contribution to my genetics makes me Hispanic, or Mexican to be even more specific. My Old Man was adopted as a baby, but we didn't know about his genetic "race" until about 10 years ago... private detective, etc.

And while it has taken about the same amount of time to kick off this new tradition, I am happy to report that the 1st Annual SUITE (and Extensions) Cinco de Mayo party was a blast.

Some of the highlights:

Max, Danny, Mama Suite & Grandpa TOM

First, Max shows up with an AWESOME Mexi-Stash (fortunately for everyone, laser hair removal took care of mine years ago.) But Holden needed to showcase his heritage, so we gave him a little somethin'-somethin...
I should mention that I tried to draw it on with an eyeliner brush,
but I gave him (what can only be described as) "Hitler-Stash"
and felt so creepy. It wasn't on purpose,
I'm just not good with make-up...
but apparently my husband is,
because he gave Holden a gem of a look!

Dinner was delightful...

The "Kids" Table

Cassandra even wore her party dress....

The cousins entertained us with a puppet show (Holden didn't quite get that he was supposed to be on the opposite side of the stage.)

And then came the pinata:

Holden gives it a go:

And then his cousins let the thing have it. You can definitely hear me cracking up in the background. I couldn't believe how much pent up angst my 7-yo niece had!


mrs. farlanderz said...

looks like one crazy fiesta!
love love love the holden mustache photos - that kid is a crack up! I want to just squeeze him!

QNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

I love you Christie, but you are right: we are so opposite!

While I disagree for the most part with you posture; I think I can see where you're coming from.

We can agree that our men in uniform do need greater tools and resources to protect all Americans.

I just think I prefer ones without racial profiling. I am hoping the courts do in fact find the law to be unconstitutional.

Anyway, I recognize it's the huffington post, but I've heard a few stories like this in the past week or so:
An interesting take as far as giving our men 'resources' and what they're going to do with them. :)

And yes, we missed you last night. The food was awesome, and the pinata beatdown priceless!

QNC said...

Now I look like a weenie for deleting my previous comment. My husband made me do it so you wouldn't stop being our friends. Republicans are such wimps...

Allison said...

Someone needs to get that girl some therapy asap. I LOVE the beating, lots of LOL-ing watching that one.

Allison said...

p.s. Suite is looking very svelte! way to go!