Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun with Popsicles & HFCS

Let's get it out there...summer is a horrible time to blog. And when you're a mom with no school-age children to let you know when summer is officially over, one tends to treat the hot weather as an indication that your time can continue until the leaves change.

I've decided I really don't enjoy blogging in the summer. It takes too long download & post pictures, try to write witty captions, and keep track of what parts of your life are ok (ie "FABULOUS") to share with the unknown cyber-masses when five minutes ago you were cleaning up your kids pee off the floor or dealing with family crises that really should be reserved for that great novel you plan on writing someday or for spilling the beans in the family Christmas letter. But then again, who really airs their dirty laundry in the Yule-tide yearly bragfest?

I digress...and I'm not making much sense, anyway.

Some author said the problem with writing about life is that we're too busy living it. Who said that? I don't know, but someone should've said that...because really, when life is so great, who has time to type 800 words about it?

So lately I have resorted to posting random pictures of my kid doing normal things that are mostly just interesting to me. One because I don't have a cool camera, and B) Because with a few rare exceptions, I'm pretty sure I stopped being funny a couple of years ago. (And to think I used to get paid for writing...heavy sigh... ah, those were the days.)

Hello blog, you have now become a journal. But I'm not posting any real secrets here. I think I'll mostly keep up the pretenses... everyone knows I'm a mess. A hot-mess, eh? But a mess nonetheless.

Soooo, back to the real point this entry: Popsicles.

In my never ending journey to re-create processed supermarket staples from scratch (e.g. crackers, granola, graham crackers just to name a few) I decided popsicles were definitely in order for this summer. So here's Holden going to town on a plain yogurt and blueberry variety.

For a while, I was feeding him these as part of his normal meal-time foodstuffs. He thought he was eating dessert first, I felt like a sneaky mom.

Double fisting... what what?!?!?

A few weeks later, Danny had his work party and Holden tried his first Orange Creamie.

Since he passed the year mark, I have tried to be less obsessive about his food choices when we're out and about. We try to focus on eating whole/local foods at home, so that we all can relax when we don't have as much control over the food situation.

That said, when he picked out his popsicle I didn't check the label. I didn't count the ingredients or look for the diabolical high fructose corn syrup or any of it's nasty neighbors.

I tried not to hover.
I didn't follow him around with wipes (I followed at a safe distance). I just kept reminding myself that I keep a change of clothes in the diaper bag for a reason; and I just let him be a kid.

It was awesome! A liberating experience for all... and some of the delicious treat even made it in his mouth!

A month later, at my friend Bree's house, the kid tried fruit snacks for the first time in his life. I know what you're thinking: Diet Coke, Twinkies and a life of crime are just around the corner. Yes the downward spiral has begun.

Needless to say, it has been a wild and crazy summer!


QNC said...

Thanks for publishing your journal. I for one enjoy it emensely.

Meesh said...

Don't forget the cheetos, I gave him cheetos! And a fruit roll up but seriously, i admire your persuit of health with him. He will undoubtly have better teeth and a healthier colon than my kids. You are a great mom! he is lucky to have you.