Sunday, September 19, 2010

For the Record

Saturday was my birthday (you may have already seen this on fb?), and here's what I did:
  • Ran 8 miles with my husband down Millcreek Canyon; and then proceeded to chalk up another 14 after for a total of 22 FREAKING MILES! (If I am not ready for the marathon in 2 weeks, I will never be ready. So the taper begins)
  • Drank a Red Bull - the second one in a week... (prior to this it had been about 8 years.)
  • Ate cupcakes... seriously, way too many of them.
  • Taught Holden how to sign "Beautiful flowers" because he kept admiring the ones Danny got me in honor of my big day
  • Went to Salt Lake Running with Danny & Little Bits to purchase *this beauty with gift certificates from Danny's family and my grandmother in love
  • Went to the swanky Metroplitan restaurant for my bday dinner and ate truffle potatoes with red wine sauce in a potato cylinder and EVERYTHING ON THIS MENU between me and Mr. Mangum
  • Ate another cupcake before bed
  • Went to sleep realizing I am the candidate most likely to be kicked off "The Biggest Loser" competition I enrolled in two weeks ago.
What a Perfect Day.

*Thanks to Wikky & TJ for letting me use their Garmins at Red Rock Relay last week. I am a believer!!!


Jenn said...

I'm coveting your new Garmin! Mine is pretty old...
I just wanted to say happy belated birthday and wish you luck at the marathon. You. are. awesome. Running a marathon is just one of those things that is so difficult and so amazing... I'm beyond excited for you. I should add that as a mother it makes you doubly cool. Seriously.

Have fun!

WIKKY said...

Yeah... I am glad you got one! They are soo great! NOt only to see your pace but to track what you've done! Glad you had a perfect day! Especially glad that you still call me wikky! Love it....