Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A pretty Great Day (yesterday) -OR- Before i forget Part 2

So I got so carried away talking about the stupid tooth brushing (how can I think that is interesting for anyone?), that I failed to mention the other parts of Tuesday that made it seem extraordinary in a spectacularly ordinary day. (This is not a picture of Tuesday, it's just an example of Holden and his 'friends." It was his first time meeting Oliver, but they bonded pretty quick).

Holding hands with Oliver McBride at Blue Lemon downtown

So again, for Holden... these things I just don't want to take for granted.
  • How you waited for the 13-month old Athena (who we had never met) to walk up the sidewalk, and then proceeded to smile, wave and then give her a hug (thankfully, she did not think you were attacking her)
  • How at Book Baby you decided the 3 speckled frogs you had brought from last night's bath time were a gracious offer for Athena and proceeded to take them over to her one by one. (She played with the yellow one for nearly the entire time)
  • How you tried to share the big green frog with the kid who wasn't sure what to make of you... (I knew your heart was pure)
  • How you danced and moved and seemed near ecstasy when the bubbles from the machine came on at the end of story time. (You were much braver this time, got a good spot and held your ground so you could actually enjoy them this time.)
I can't believe you'll be 18 months in just a couple of weeks...

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