Sunday, August 8, 2010

The celebrating and Such

The Happy Couple apres dinner

So sometimes things just work out in a way where the celebrating comes after the event. Such is the case with our Anniversary. It was my year to plan (Danny and I trade off every other year - I've got the even's he's got the odd's -- as to not put too much pressure/expectations on either of us at any given time).

Though since he's in charge of the 5 year, I mean, he better do something AWESOME, you know?

Anyway, I had been hearing about' The Other Guys this week -- Terri Gross (of NPR's Fresh Aire) and John Stewart (Daily Show) interviewed Will Ferrell.

I couldn't believe I actually wanted to see the film, but it turned out to be ok. Pretty funny actually. So we did movie first, and then I had made reservations at Cucina Toscana for a couple of reasons.

  • First) Neither of us had been there
  • B) Italian is my favorite
  • 3rdly)I had the impression it was one of those places that would mean more than an hour for dinner, and I really liked the idea of that
So we settled in for a romantic dinner for two; and just after we had ordered Danny's stylist (yes, 'stylist' as I banned him from getting his hair done at Great Clips once we were married) I see said hair-god-mortal walking down the street with a darling pixie-hair brunette.

Mr. Makeover & My Hubby

"Jeff," as well call him for the sake of our story and obviously because that happens to be his name, is a high school buddy of Danny's. He has been living up the single life, and as such sometimes Danny would come home from a 'cut' with (sometimes salacious) tales of life in the fast lane.

Nevertheless, overall The Bachelor has a good heart; and since the hostess has managed to seat them right next to us without either party mentioning we were friends, I figured it was serendipity/serendipitous(?) and so we asked them to join our table (a four top that seemed to be beckoning extra company). Also, if they hadn't have joined us, I feared the two of them talking across the table all dinner and that would've been even worse.

Me and the Pixie

It turned out to be a brilliant night. The conversation stupendous (I wonder if they got sick of us talking up Little Bits?); and I laughed out loud so hard that on more than one occasion my cheeks hurt.

The food was as brilliant as the company.

Though I can't help but wonder if Danny and I would've indulged in the evening as long if it had just been the two of us. I hear horror stories of couples who have children and suddenly they don't really have anything to share or talk about. I hope that never happens to us.

I can't say that we're as giddy and foolish about love as we were when we were engaged and first married. But I do find it absolutely true that our love is deeper and more full than it has ever been.

And that is not only something to celebrate, but to talk about too.

With (Valter Nassi) Mr. Cucina Toscana himself!

PS. Besides a little shopping spree last weekend, Mr. Suite-Mangum Surprised me with a book about Led Zeppelin. (He knows me so well.)


Cicely said...

You guys look gorgeous. All four of you. I miss you. A lot.

mrs. farlanderz said...

CUCINA TOSCANA!....mmmmmmm. the restaurant I mean not the mr. :) althought I am sure he is lovely.

Erin said...

you look amazing my friend.

WIKKY said...

Mr Nassi is getting quite close to you Suite! he he! Looks like you guys are still completely in LOVE and that is something to talk about! Glad you had a great night!