Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I'm sure Danny has an AWESOME tribute planned on his blog that is dedicated to me for our 4-yr wedding anniversary... so I don't really feel the need to get all mushy and stuff with him here.

I can only imagine how he'll talk about how amazing I am; and that he loves me even in my super-chubbo phases.

He'll compliment my cooking (except that wretched calazone I made and some other 'issues'), and say he never thought he could love soup so much.

He'll probably go on and on about how it's wonderful I've spent so much money on a garden that will end up producing about $50 worth of produce... oh and how great I am at saving money (or maybe it was spending money.)

Anywhooo - I'm sure there's plenty more to go on (or off?) about: his gratitude for cloth diapers and the weird smell pee makes when it hits a hemp liner; getting rid of all chlorine products in our house (ie. bleach, clorox, etc) so our whites are as bright as a light gray towel could be (that was formerly defined as white).

Yep, four years of insanely delicious marriage. The only way we've made it is because I am so easy to get along with (oh wait...)

But seriously darling, thanks for four years of bliss.
July 2010 in Deer Valley at the Ben Folds/Utah Symphony Orchestra Concert

A little looksee at the past:
Three Year Tribute & Reception Perfection


Alicia said...

Happy, happy anniversary!! You are the most gorgeous bride and for sure the coolest momma/wife that I know. We for sure would love to come swimming anytime!! The West's love you lots!!

QNC said...

Congradulations you guys. I'm sure all of our fighting that floats up through the vents only makes you love each other more...

mrs. farlanderz said...

happy anniversary!
ps - I took this opportunity to link to your past posts and somehow linked to photos from your wedding and oh my. dear. can I say love. love. loved your reception shindig.
makes me miss slc like crazy.
and the awesomeness that is sabrena.

WIKKY said...

congrats on an eventful four years and here's to many, many more exciting years to come!! you guys are an awesome couple!

Meesh said...

You guys make a seriously cool couple. Happy Anniversary!

Erin said...

Congrats to one of my favorite couples on the planet!