Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm being interviewed!

A Little Stretching before our Red Rock Relay Start

You know those fancy bloggers who get to say: "Hey, check out my interview over at {insert fancy blog name here}"?

Well, much like after Oprah Marathon finished her marathon, I too had many follow up questions to my 26.2 experience. (Ok, not really but there were a couple.)

So no, I'm not being featured anywhere; but I am just vain enough to sit down for an interview with myself (I can be, afterall, my harshest critic.) So before I lose my nerve, I better get to it.

Intro, Rolling Stone Style:

It's just after 1 on a Friday afternoon in October. I sit on a red couch in the front room of the Mangums, waiting for Sabrena to show up. She bounces in, hair straightened and slicked back off her face in a pony tail (obvious it hasn't been washed in days). Her blonde haired-blue eyed toddler (Holden, now 20 months) is asleep in the next room after a quick hour jaunt to the children's museum earlier this morning.

She's in a pink t-shirt from Smith's Marketplace, and dark denim Joes Jeans; recently scored for 20-bucks at an Urban Blues sale. (Hollah!)

The house is quiet, except for the squeaking of the hard wood floors. She looks around the room, as if the furniture has recently been rearranged making it impossible for her decide where to sit, and then flops down on the couch, a little closer to me than I'd prefer...

The Suite Spot (TSS): First off, let me congratulate you on your run. It's not often someone of your, um 'stature' shall we say, can achieve such athletic achievement.

Me: Yeah, this one goes out to all the big boned women out there! Except I'm not really big boned. Have you seen my wrists? I'm just fluffy...

TSS: But seriously, I thought you were hard core, but then I heard you actually wore shoes for the marathon. Isn't that kind of selling out?

Me: I'm glad you brought that up... I still train barefoot, mostly in my Vibrams actually. And for pretty much my entire training schedule I would run barefoot-barefoot or in the Five Fingers. But once my long runs hit more than 10 miles, even I had to admit my foot-muscles just weren't strong enough. For my Saturday runs (ranging from 10 - 22 miles) I'd wear a 4-yr old beat up pair of Saucony tennis shoes Danny convinced me to buy explaining that 'tennis shoes are sooooo comfortable.' Truth is, I'd wear flip-flops year round if I could (or Jimmy Choos if I had a million dollars). I really hate socks.

But for the race I bought a pair of (women's) Saucony Kinvaras. They're shoe-like, with hardly any stability but some cushion for the feet. But I wish I could've run barefoot... then maybe my toe nails wouldn't be black and falling off right now.

TSS: But you're still kind of a sell out, right?

Me: I guess so.

TSS: On the subject of selling out, what's with the Red Bull, Miss I-make-my-own-crackers-because-we-try-not-to-eat-processed-food." Isn't that just a bit hypocritical?

Me: Yes.

TSS: OK, glad we agree...

Me: I reacquainted myself with the beverage in September at the Red Rock Relay. I was running the very last leg of the race; a 7 and a 1/2 mile scorcher into Zion on an steady incline when it was over 95 degrees outside (the pavement made it feel like 100-plus.) I had already run two legs, totaling over 10 miles; and we were operating on two hours of sleep in 36 hours-- gotta love those relays! Since I am pretty careful about what I put into my body, I just had this feeling it might be a good experiment.

New 10k (plus!) Personal Record first leg of the RRR with Wikky's Watch

I downed a can after 3 miles and was able to finish and feel good. There was (and still is) a brief moment after I drink the stuff that I feel like the Hulk because I get crazy endorphins rushing through my body; but I clench my fists and jaw, keep going and then it's fine. I ONLY use it on race days; and I've only used it for the RRR, the day I ran my 22 miler and for the actual marathon. So it's not like I'm addicted.

And I don't see it becoming a part of my normal training regimen. I don't GU's. I try to stick to real food (granola bars, , fruit like bananas and oranges, maybe a PB & honey sandwhich), but I do allow myself an indulgence...speaking of, I wish I could run with cupcakes in my back pocket, now that would be a great race!

TSS: Ohhhh-kay. (I schooch a little further away from her on the couch.) True or false...

Me: True.

TSS: I didn't ask the question.

Me: Then I pick, D, all of the above.

TSS: Let's move on. You can't really have enjoyed the marathon as much as you say you did. Isn't that just blogging sensationalism? And let's be honest, you are kind of a spaz.

"I dance-run because the running-man doesn't give me the mileage jogging does"

Me: Yes, agreed... on the spaz part. But that really is how I remember it. I think for me, I went slow enough that I really could enjoy it. I got to take in the amazing scenery, visit with awesome people and have an experience.

I have friends that are fast, friends that qualify for Boston and friends that try to qualify for Boston and friends that run because they have to....

And I've had times in my life when I've had to run for other spots (like volleyball). The mile and a half we did seemed like an eternity...but it was for time, and to impress coaches and not lose a starting spot, etc etc. I just wanted to run a marathon, get it checked off the list BUT enjoy it. And I guess you could say if you do it in 4;45 minuets it's not really running... it is jogging; but that's ok for me. I feel like I've got my whole life to work on getting faster.

See, unlike a lot of people, I finished a marathon and know I will do it again. Running (however you define it) is a part of me now, so I better make sure I enjoy it since we're going to be together for a long time. The marathon really was great. It's the aftermath that sucks...

TSS: Sore muscles, not being able to walk down stairs?

Me: Well sure, I mean my muscles weren't really that bad. I was more sore after Red Rock. But exercising for that long does something to your insides. Besides the toenails and blisters, I really thought my digestive system would never be the same.

TSS: I'm not sure our readers want details...

Me: Oh I don't think they do. But I will say my brother-in-law is a doctor, and he thinks it's caused from blood being routed to other parts of your body for so long it takes a while to normalize. I'm paraphrasing of course, but I will say I should've eaten sooner after the race, and once I did eat, sweet potato french fries were not a good choice.

TSS: Um, yeah. I really think we should move on...

Me: Right, well, my son's going to waking up soon; and we're headed up to Park City this weekend for a ladies only half-marathon in support of breast cancer, so....

TSS: What about your toenails?

Me: Hopefully they grow back. if not I'll just put some polish on their where a toe nail is supposed to be. Besides, we're approaching boot season anyway.


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WIKKY said...

you are so awesome! loved every bit of your interview!!! you rock! Can't wait to do another one with you by my side!!! Then I will laugh instead of on the verge of crying! ha...

Courtney said...

Oh my. I miss your spaz-icity and enthusiasm for life. Way to go sister. Super proud of you. I need to hang out with you more, maybe you can turn me into a runner. LOVED your interview. That is super cool that you were picked to be featured in an article. WOW! You are now my claim to fame.

Courtney said...

i just read your previous post. So awesome. You make me want to run a marathon, which is saying something because I DONT RUN. I have adrenaline just reading about your run. :)