Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holden Rides a Bike

OK, so it's not exactly a bike, and I'm not sure if you'd call it 'riding'... but the kid is only 20 months. Looks like a good option for Christmas!


Stephanie Ewell said...

Sabrena- this is Stephanie!! Love your blog-congrats on the marathon that is amazing. We got a balance bike for Grayson and he loves it!! Holden would love it too! Great to see you on here-hope life is great for you.

King Family said...

okay my bff....its time to make this happen! so seth is in a play...yes a play...and he is hilarious, so i think you guys should come to the show and then we can play after. i can even arrange a babysitter for your cute little guy....let me know!

Cicely said...

Is it weird that I feel jealous for Faye that Holden is making other friends than her?

ps. Faye has a fever- which chakra do we need to align? Namaste.