Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Randoms, because I can

Short form:

  • I'm trying on Bikram, aka HOT YOGA, for size. It's a 4 and I'm a 8. But I like it.
  • My hair is getting so long when I tilt my head back it's past my waistline - it needs to be trimmed.
  • It's time to have another baby, but I haven't come up with a catchy theme like Holden's conception mantra: "Procreate in 2008" ...so I'm not entirely sure how to go about it... well, that's not completely true. I guess I have a bit of an idea...
  • Holden is a person. A real live boy. (Yes Ash, it is time for another update-coming soon!) For now I will just say he's amazingly good at minding for a 20-month old; I need to remember that. And he also looks fabulous is argyle sweater vests.
  • Yes, I've started to let him watch TV. (Well mostly just 'How to Train Your Dragon' because I've been sick and my parents gave us the movie. It's about the only 'kids show' we have. Too violent? Well he walks around the house saying "Roar?"which seems to mean"More Dragon Show please Mom?")
  • I have only run two times since the marathon (a 4 miler in Sun Valley one week after my 26.2 and a the Pink Half Marathon in Park City just over a week ago.) My right-bigtoe(nail) has still not recovered. I read somewhere to take 2-4 weeks off of running after a marathon. But it still feels weird.
  • I got a little tickle in my throat on Day 2 of Bikram Yoga. I assumed it was the MASSIVE DETOX happening from exercising in a room that's kept at more than 100-degrees and 40% humidity. But there was a blockage in my 5th Chakra (throat) from Not Speaking my Truth, and so I ended up with a sore throat/cold.
  • You may be wondering if you should take my last comment seriously; but then again, if you really know me, you know I'm entirely serious...go ahead, laugh now. It's only fair.


Cicely said...

How about: Stuff me like a hen in 2010!

Or: Do what we do for baby #2!

Melissa: said...

baby from heaven in 2011...

okay, Cicely's are way better.

WIKKY said...

I heart argyle sweater vests! I bet he looks studly! Can't wait to hear all about you having sex!!! he he!!