Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Four

Today I am especially grateful for yoga.

I had a really challenging Bikram practice on Tuesday night (I kept feeling like I was going to pass out.) And not just because the room was more than 105 degrees. And not because it's supposed to be kept at 40% humidity but was WELL past that mark. And not because I was dripping sweat from every pore and my body was detoxing from some Halloween splurges (like an entire Snickers Bar! And that is not the full extent of the damage UGH!)... and taking a week off from being a little under the weather (read: 5th chakra blockage = sore throat turns into FULL BLOWN COLD!)

Actually, I was dehydrated before we started; and I kind of neglected eating a bit (not that my body couldn't use a bit more of those). But the vessel was just telling me I was being stupid and I need to take care of myself if I'm going to subject it to such extremities.

However, it was still a good practice. Because amidst the smelly carpet, drenched bodies and frustrations surfacing from deep inside me like the Hulk (that make their way out in class at the oddest times!); I walk away a better person.

Unfortunately, the only pictures of me I have practicing yoga are when I was preggers with Holden. While I love these pictures, they are also kind of funny to me. Take this one for example...

Let's play 'guess where Holden's back side is.' Ha!

I had such an easy pregnancy with Holden (sure Labor & Delivery were a different story.) But I credit my yoga practice for keeping the morning sickness away, my blood pressure down, my mind centered (ok well, as centered as a crazed hormonal pregnant woman can be) and bringing an enjoyment to the experience of being a pregnant goddess (as all pregnant women are; whether they know it or not).

My yoga journey has taken many twists and turns...classes ranging from Flow & Hatha, to chanting, meditation, Bhakti, Bikram and Mommy & Me with Holdencito. It's all beautiful and perfect in it's own right.

As we get closer to the "Eggo gettin' Preggo" time (whenever that may be), I'm just glad I have this slice of splendor to help me through... on and off the mat.

PS. I'm teaching a "Yoga for Diabetics" class and lecturing for the Diabetic Educators of Utah conference (or something like that) tomorrow morning. Positive Chi appreciated!