Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Three

Totally thankful for the UTES! Between a husband who LOVES college football and is a huge Utah fan; and me attending a college with NO pigskin team to cheer for, I have adopted them as my own.

Plus, I went to pre-school there when I was 2 1/2; so it's practically my Alma Mater.

At this year's San Jose State Game

Danny and I have some great Ute Football memories. Just one of which being their win over BYU (in 2005 I think?)... he called me from Provo to celebrate even though he couldn't hear a thing. We became an official couple that's pretty much been true love ever since.

And then there was the Undefeated Season with the win again 'Bama in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. And now we're 5th in the BCS standings?!?!? Crazy days!

Good luck this weekend verses TCU Boys. We need the football gods smiling on our side.



ashli said...

love your updates. love your gratitude (i did this last year, it's really great to do...for mind, and soul) and i think that Holden is darling and you are a great mom. i loved watching you parent him at the kindergarten program! i wish i was that calm.

seriously, call me for a run sometime. we live close enough that it shouldn't be hard...i just won't be able to keep up for too long. ashlistorheim(at)gmail{dot}com

Courtney said...

GO UTES!!! I wish I was going to the game this weekend. The black out games are so intense!!! I have been a couple times... Are you going?

Lisanne said...

i am thankful for the utes too!!

Meesh said...

Ditto, except i like it better when they win. Still, they are a huge part of our lives and we love football season.