Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Two

It's may be a "Super Tuesday" for some; but I'm kind of in a pre-empitve mourning politically; so I'm going to chose a different route for today's post.

Normally, Tuesdays in Holden-land (if we're not at our play group)mean hitting up the Library for Book Babies! Holden's favorite song is definitely "The Wheels on the Bus," with a close second being "Baby Bop." Sometimes he wakes up in the morning doing the actions.

Wheels on the Bus has become so popular with my little guy that I checked out a CD at the library... the problem was, it's hard to 'look for media' when you're little guy is almost 2; because they are not very stationary. So I had to hurry. Which meant the only one I could find (and believe me, I looked) was a Barney album.

That's right, that annoying purple dinosaur.

But Holden loves it (wheels on the Bus, thankfully he has no idea who Barney is). And sometimes he still lets me listen to NPR, Feist or Zeppelin (we take turns) so it's all fair.

Speaking of dinosaurs... the video is of a special "Book Babies Dinosaur Week!" Which actually meant no 'wheels on the bus' so it wasn't our favorite. But my Mom came, so I got to catch a little of Holden in action on camera.

I love PUBLIC LIBRARIES (see, government isn't all bad.)



Melissa: said...

Love this idea of posting something you're grateful for every day.
And Holden is such cute boy!

And you never know what might happen when it comes to listening preferences. After the third day of kindergarten, my son Jack asked me on the way to school if we could talk later and could I "please turn on NPR"...


hels said...

how the heck can I love a kid I have never even met so much...

Kourtney said...

Public library?! Communist.

King Family said...

so sweet. what a good mom taking holden to the library...no wonder he loves books so much.