Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Nineteen (Seriously, it's the 19th?!?!?)

So I've said it before, but I'll say it again.

I'm grateful for these two books. They have changed my life, (not mention my waistline). At the beginning of the year, I was weighing in around 160-something pounds. That's more than 10 lbs over the BMI for my height: well in the 'overweight' category.

Sure there was baby-weight; but even before Holden was born, I vacillated between 150 and 155 lbs from 'happy-married' weight. Waaaaaaay too much for my 5' 5" frame.

It's not like I was carrying the muscle mass I did as I collegiate athlete.

But then I found running (well, a way to run without getting injured); and a sustainable way of eating...for betterment of my body and the environment. (Thankfully, I never really went on 'a diet". Maybe that's the difference.... because of course I needed room for cupcakes occasionally.)

I am happy to report as part of this journey (sustainable eating, running and a lot of yoga) I am weighing in at 137 (well, that's what I was today)... of course it fluctuates a pound or two either way.

I am still hoping to lose more; and would like to continue to tone up before I get pregnant again. But I feel like these two books have played such an incredible role in my path to health and wellness.

Yoga has been a part of journey for a long time -- that will continue.
But these two pieces seem to be the missing puzzle pieces. If you haven't read them, I give them Sabrena Suite-Mangum-two-thumbs-up-stamp-of-approval.

**Oh, and if you want to cliff notes on eating, just shoot for "Pollan's: Food Rules." It's like the pocket guide for change when it comes to overall healthy eating for a better you and a better planet. Seriously, it will take you less than 45 minutes from cover to cover...and that's if you're a slow reader. :)

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Meesh said...

I hear ya. So much the same and I have found that I actually love to run, Crazy stuff. Let's run together. This winter thing kinda stinks!