Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Sixteen

So this summer marked my first attempt using Mother Nature's bleach & dryer... that's right, I made my own clothes line (but just for Holden's diapers).

I was (and am) thankful for the energy it saves, that it's a pretty easy GREEN thing to do, AND it really helps keep the diapers smelling fresher and is great for taking out stains. The sun works miracles.

But sadly, our lawn no longer looks this green (most of that is wild mint growing amidst the blades of grass. It's our first year trying out an eco-friendly lawn! No Round-up or anything of the sort.) Anyway, it's already snowed a few times, so the clothes line will have to move indoors again. This is from last year after our dryer broke.

It's functional but a little ghetto.

Holden is getting closer to being Diaper Free with his potty training. And with this winter-diaper-wonderland fast approaching again, I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

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WIKKY said...

Nothing better than the smell of fresh clothes from the clothes line! I used to do that when we lived at Student Housing at the U!! So fun!