Friday, February 4, 2011

Danny Turns 28

So I was thinking, Danny turns 28 on the 5th of this month--what if I posted my Happy Birthday Blog to Danny, in the same fashion as i did for Holden... I think it would sound something like this:

I can't believe how fast time flies! It seems just yesterday I was looking at you and thinking "he's way tooo young for me to date; but he's super cute; and it's a free meal so I am open to whatever the universe has in store."

Seriously, here you are, at our wedding... not looking a day over 19. I'm such a cradle robber. ;)

Favorite foods
Sadly for the most part you prefer processed to home made. In fact, some of the biggest compliments I get from you would be when you say things like "these home made cinnamon rolls [that took me 4 hours to make] are almost as good as Rhodes bake-n-serve!"

You love pizza... Papa Johns is your favorite; but you're pretty good at tearing up my home made variety of a Margarita. (If I cheat and use white flour and a tsp or two or sugar in the dough, you like it waaay better than my whole wheat sinker variety.)

You don't think soup qualifies as a main course...even if it's cream based. (Craziness!)

Hobbies & Such
You seem to be getting along really well with the kids at the MWSBF playground.

Holden has you watching way too much Sports Center; but it's hard to say no. You love Softball season the best and have recently started working out diligently with a personal trainer. Your biceps are back...and even though one might expect my politics to dictate otherwise, I would like some tickets to the gun show.

You are a great athlete. You love to ski, and are great at it (even though you don't get to go much anymore).

You are a creature of habit -- which I find comforting, because you're willing to try new things. And your predicability makes me feel more wild and crazy than I really am -- and I need that.

On the EC front
Like Holden, you are doing so well with your POTTY-ing! You pretty much always put the seat down after yourself -- huzzah! So feng shui of you, Danny.

Other thoughts
You have the world's greatest melts my heart when you are genuinely happy about something. And I love to hear you laugh. Especially the one that sounds like there is something mischievous going on underneath the chuckle.

You love looking at pictures of, and reading about, other people's lives (especially on fb). I am glad it has moved from your TMZ addiction to at least people we know... but you never really update your own status on fb or twitter. (We are kind of opposite that way).

You tell great stories.
You have the patience of Job and you are really good at sharing.
You listen to what I would qualify as pretty crappy music packaged for the masses...but since I am no longer a subscriber to Spin or RollingStone and don't hang out at Kilby Court anymore, I don't really know what would be worth listening to anyway (although, I'm pretty sure if i asked the hipsters at Estes pizza, they'd set us on the right course).

You are always well behaved when Holden is babysitting you...

I love you.


hels said...

happy birthday danny!

ps - haha kilby court, haha. how is it that we didn't know eachother sooner ?- I really don't know.

WIKKY said...

Awesome .... So many things I didn't know about Danny!!! Happy BD to you!

Erin said...

Happy birthday to Danny! I loved the format... very entertaining and fun to learn more about him.