Monday, February 21, 2011

Kids Yoga - The Video Spot

So I've got the link to Saturday's Yoga Segment on Fox 13. I must say, not my finest video spot (remember I used to speak to the press for a living?) I seem to have lost my edge. But if you're still inclined, you can watch it here.

I was a little distracted.

I brought my Mom to watch Holden, thinking he might do a Down Dog or balance in his "Flamingo" (which he does, in front of the standing camera so you can't see it)...I wasn't expecting him to cooperate fully; but I thought maybe, just maybe, he'd give the camera a little Namaste bow, or something like that. But as you can see, he spent most of the time wandering around in front of the cameras, and then trying to mount his cousin Max in Savasana.

Also, about the time Tamara (the news anchor) asked me about the yoga class I was going to be teaching today at Discovery Gateway, Holden pointed to me in one of the television monitors and yelled "MOM!" Because I was on TV, naturally... and obviously it's way more exciting to see your Mom on TV, than say, in real person standing right behind you. (Does this say something about our family's media policy?)

Anyway you look at it, I was -- to say the least -- a little distracted.

My Mom said she didn't want to grab him because she didn't want him to yell; and the camera people obviously loved him. But I couldn't seem to form complete sentences or thoughts. This often happens to me as a mother -- not speaking coherently -- even when I'm not on TV with my toddler.

But my niece and nephew did awesome. I was so proud of them. And Holden is just so friggin' cute... in fact, here he is practicing Savasana (Dead Body pose) at church a few weeks ago.

As a side note, this has only happened once
(Holden falling asleep in the pew as a toddler);
but let me assure you it was every bit as good as I imagined it would be.


swensen squeeze said...

You did a better job than I could have have ever done Nice job suite!

Beth said...

Way to go Sabrena! You did good!!!

Melissa: said...

I thought it was great, too. You did great and all the kids were darling.

If your intention was to make people want to come, show them how fun and good it can be for the kids, and what a great teacher they'll have, then it was a success. Plus, you got to show off your cute boy. :)