Friday, February 18, 2011

Why You Should Listen to Me

Actually, you shouldn't.

I'm not qualified to give advice about ANYTHING.

I'm not crafty.
My house isn't feng shui'd (I don't even know how to make that word a verb).
I write with way to many typos.
My blog isn't even a REAL one (you know what I mean).
I don't have a degree in early childhood education. If memory serves, I got a C+ in my "Child Development Class" at UVU, at barely passed "Family Relations." However, I did ace "Survey of International Terrorism," and quickly changed my major to Political Science.
I eat way to many treats (so I can't dole out nutrition advice).
I haven't renewed my Sierra Club membership in years so the GREEN movement won't call me their own.
I only made it four months nursing and then had to pump the remaining eight months. (A failure of a breastfeeding mother I was...)
My kid has been EC-ing for over 18 months and he's still not diaper free.
The most I've ever run barefoot-barefoot is five miles... everything else is with socks, or vibrams... or some other form of barefoot-cheating.

I've never even been to India or lived in an ashram. So am I really even a yogi?

Actually, yes...I am. And I still wouldn't consider me an expert about anything; but I will say that I do love yoga. And I love Holden practicing yoga. And I'm going to talk about Kids Yoga and the things I love about it tomorrow on FOX 13 news at 8:30am (give or take a few minutes).

So you don't need to listen me; but I do invite you to watch. . .


Melanie said...

You.Are.HILARIOUS! I hope you post it again. I like watching them! And, for the record, I would listen to you and count you an expert at certain kinds of shopping and would LOVE to take you (to help me!)!

Erin said...

Au contraire my friend! You know your stuff.

I wish I could watch- post a clip if you can!

Ashley said...

I love your advice!! BTW check out the smittenkitchen blog. She made whole wheat goldfish crackers, and I immediately thought of you.