Monday, March 28, 2011

And on the Sabbath Day of Raw Vegan Food, even God rested

So I totally caved... Saturday night after the Holi Color Festival. It wasn't so much that all that color throwing had me working up some uncontrollable appetite. No, it was more a combination of eating a handful of carrots and grapes with a glass of pinapple juice to sustain me until three in the afternoon; and as we were leaving the festival we made the mistake of walking past a few of the food vendors with curry deliciousness and roasted chicken wafting through the air.

It was like the devil had been clothed in Chicken Tikka Masala... come to steal my detox right from underneath me!

Danny kept talking about hitting up the Bombay House for date night; and after eating (literally) like a rabbit for the better part of the week, I had nothing left to fight off temptation.

And that's true in so many ways:
A random sampling of the 'fare' from Omars.
These are the raw vegan sushi option.
I think they use crushed macadameia nuts in place of rice.

That food (or lack there of) made me loopy. Danny and I joke that I hadn't won an argument with him in five days. My brain seemed to stop working. I wasn't as quick witted (well, for me. It's a sliding scale, you know). I couldn't form complete thoughts or sentences. Even at yoga (when I wasn't on the verge of blacking out), I had to concentrate so hard on what the instructor was saying... just to get my body in the right position. I just kind of always felt a step behind.

Danny's logic was that even God rested on the 7th Day--and moreoever, that my "Sabbath' (or sabbatical from vegan-raw)should start at Sundown. I texted my lady-friends to tell them I was hanging up the jersey early, and by nightfall, I had indulged in amazing Indiana Food and coconut cream pie (not so Indian, but still amazing)... oh, and had managed to gain every bit of weight lost in the experiment back in water weight and happiness.


Well for now at least. I've got a bit more to report on... especially now that I can think again. But for now, I will say I am glad the experiment is over with and I don;t ever have to do that again. At least not for 6 days... 3 is fine. A week is just crazy.

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erin said...

I love Sabrena! I am laughing so hard right now. I tried to go off candy and desserts for a week and last night (the last day) I just could not take it any more! I don't know how on earth you did raw vegan. Crazy woman. Anyway, thanks for making me laugh.