Friday, April 1, 2011

Tri, Try Again

So tomorrow I am 'doing' a triathalon. It's just a sprint -- don't be too impressed. I signed up months ago thinking that would give me a little extra boost before the IronGirl Sprint Triathalon at the end of the month. I'm not much of a biker, cyclist... whatever. Last October Danny and I did a 30 miler in Sun Valley a week after the SG Marathon. My running was what saved me. My butt thought it would never be the same... even with one of those cheesy foam seat covers for losers. I haven't been outside on a bike since then. I know it's usually the swimming portion that makes people nervous for tri's; but I was a swimmer growing up and through most of High school. You can get away with a lot through form when you're swimming less than a mile. This is not the first time I'm attempting such a challenge. More than 10 years ago, armed with a serious case of exercise addiction, and an adventurous whim I attempted my first Sprint Triathalon. I trained on a mountain bike, only swam about 3 times in the 3 months prior to the race AND made a decision at the last minute to use my 10-speed from my childhood as my official race bike. I was so nervous I was going to lose a chain (thus why I had trained on the mountain bike), that I did the whole thing in the same high gear.... But catch this: I won my division. The caveat is that there was also a 'pool walkers' division. And I think some of the walkers passed me on the bikeride and the run...but they didn't swim. So different divisions... and, ha! I am reigning champion. Turns out tomorrow morning there is no pool walkers division... so I'm not really expecting to come home with the gold. PS. There is something wrong with my paragraph "enter" key. Apparently it is out of com-ish.


Kourtney said...

Hey cuz--wanna do the BAM Olympic Triathlon with me this July? I have been thinking of asking you to do it with me and then I saw this and, well, it seemed so obvious. I am pretty sure I am going to do it. Haven't signed up yet because we haven't confirmed our summer plans completely. But we should totally do it together. You in?

Kourtney said...

Ok, actually I just noticed that the BAM tri is cancelled. What a bummer! Well, wanna do the Park City Olympic? It's on June 18. What do you think?

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Oh dear cousin! Do you even know how often I thought of you during the build-up to this race, and the surrounding time AND during, etc?

It would be so fun to do a race with you. I've actually got RAGNAR (Wasatch Back) relay that weekend in June...

But the other truth is, I don't know if I would have the balls to do an Olympic that early in the season... And hopefully I'll be getting pregnant sooner than later.

When are you coming back for the summer? We could find another race...there's so much great stuff out here; even if it was just a tune up for your Olympic; or a littler one afterwards?

Oh I have to see you guys when you come home!!!

Kourtney said...

YES! Let's do something!

So we are arriving in Utah June 8th and should be there more or less through July. What should we do? Krista is doing the Provo Half on June 11 but it is full so we can't sign up for that. What else is going on? You tell me where to be and what to be ready for and I'll do it. Anything up to a half marathon.

Did you run the tri in your Vibrams?! I want to hear about how it went!