Friday, September 23, 2011

"Mmmm, that's good..."

While I was straightening up the kitchen this afternoon in preparation for "Daddy" to come home, I got out Holden's baking stuff... mostly because he suddenly developed an affinity for the pizza cutter and toddlers plus sharp objects make me nervous (I know, I'm such a 'helicopter' parent.)

He started rolling and mixing and stirring.

"I'm baking dough-nuts!" He told me. I came over to try his creation. After pouring some imagined creation into a little red tart mold, I tasted the best make believed liquid doughnut of my life.

"MMMM, that's good!" We both proclaimed.

I love my little Chef Boy-R-Awesome!


WIKKY said...

And I love his curly locks! He is a yummy little dude!!!

Danny Mangum said...

New post please