Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holden the Goose Whisperer

Holden and I belong to this awesome neighborhood playgroup. Each mom takes a month a plans an activities for a month, just one day a week.

Last month Little Bits, (Baby Z - still in utero at 34 weeks today) and I hosted: we did a day at the park, one day at Discovery Gateway (Children's Museum), an event at the downtown Library hosted by Lego and then I taught a 30 minute yoga session for kids with a potluck luncheon after at our place.

While at any given month we seldom can make all the activities (except when we were hosting because I strategically planned it around our schedules), we do try to participate as much as possible. The mantra for this group pretty much seems to be "Come When You Can!" Which fits in perfectly to our lifestyle.

Last week's activity was a harvest splendor of sorts at Wheeler Farm: tractor-trailer ride, a hay maze, picking a pumpkin and animals galore. I had never taken Holden there before so he was pretty stoked to play with the ducks and geese (I mean, at the Sun Valley Lodge there's only 2 or 3)... here there were hoards!

In the video you can see him showing me how he gets close and personal with Mother Earth and "eats like a duck" (super sanitary, I'm sure). He'd also chase after them with open arms, and I kept thinking my two year old was going to be the next contestant on "When Animals Attack."

Good thing he finally crossed his arms to make sure the ferocious fowl knew he was harmless. Oh wait...

The good news is, after he told me "that duck eat me" he wanted to stay and play some more with them. I on the other hand was ready to move on before this YouTube video suddenly took a turn for the worse became competition for Shark Week. Let's not temp fate, eh?

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