Friday, May 18, 2012

double dose of m&t AND zoë's swimwear

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!

Zoë on April 27th at 4 1/2 months,
This is a special month because it's twice the fun at Make & Takes. I've got two articles published at the fancy website.

The first, is a topic super near and dear to my heart: Green Entertaining! And yesterday's article spotlights a few ways to get your "Grass a Little Greener" in every sense of the word.

Please check them out. In the entertaining bit I make a Julie Andrews reference and disclose I'm not actually a cat relevant to today's larger climate change discussion.

Check 'em out. And if you'd like to be so bold as to leave a comment, it may help my editor think what I'm saying is relevant and that I've got a cult-following or something. (Oh, and it's also very validating for me, you know?)

Can't wait to FINALLY get my thoughts down about last week's TIME cover, and tell you about how we're EXTREME parenting at the Mangum casa. (Who's Mom enough? We're not really sure.) But in the meantime, you can enjoy the pic of Zoë in a "12 mo" swimsuit. Purchased for our trip to Orland last month, I especially enjoy how it digs into the tops of her shoulders...that bebe is one chunk of delisciousness.

Cheers my friends.


QNC said...

The TIMES cover? How about the NEWSWEEK cover?

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

The Newsweek cover actually made me chuckle. The Times cover made me feel empowered... and I thought about your reaction to both when I saw them, Christie. ;)