Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Getting Caught Up on Blog Posts (if you can really do that.)
So I'm technically writing this in Jan of 2013, but posting it the day we partied!!!

One Christmas tradition my parents started with our family is a "Breakfast with Santa" event at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. We missed my youngest sister Cicely and her family (currently residing in Ohio), but still had a great time. We eat breakfast, visit with Jolly St. Nick and then get the entire museum to ourselves (with 20 or so other people) for more than an hour.

The Whole Gang - Z was ok by Santa as long as
he wasn't looking at her and she was in my arms

Fun Having Celeste There 

Awesome Balloon Lady made Holden a hat,
a sword and a place to put it

Back Home... something about the "lay" of
these balloons makes me feel uncomfortable

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