Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bread Pudding for Breakfast, et cetera et cetera...

***For an explanation of why I am cataloging my eating-escapades, 
check out Monday's post hereBut since the Chubbie Club blog 
is password protected, I thought I would just add Sunday's food journal***

It's true. I had bread pudding for breakfast today (Saturday morning). But it was made from scratch...

For me, my focus this week is journaling (aka "recasting" for the first two weeks), and Cicely's 7 pm rule. 

Breakfast - between 8:30 - 9:30
More frosting for Holden's (carrot-apple-spice) muffins and in the act I licked the cream-cheese and buttery decadence from my hands. Sure I could've washed them, but I didn't. Turned the 'muffin cake balls' that stuck to the pans and were ugly, into "Muffin Bread Pudding." Added a little free-trade evaporated cane sugar to some (happy organic free-range chicken) eggs, winder milk, costco vanilla and a pinch of salt; with another apple sliced thinly and came up with a not-too-shappy "Carrot Apple Spice Bread Pudding" for breakfast... which I indulged in with a couple of glasses of milk.

While I was working on this invention, I had orange slices on the counter top that I ate... standing up.

Lunch 1:30
By quarter-to-twelve it was still snowing and I still was craving comfort food. So for lunch I made turkey-veggie "meat" loaf (more carrots and onions in the 'loaf' than ground turkey), with parmesan mashed potatoes and steamed corn. I also finished off the green bean-fet-and pine nut salad. It was awesome. My husband, Danny, said it was like eating Sunday Dinner in the middle of the afternoon.  (Also I remember having a bit of mashed potatoes from the bowl as I was putting them away thinking, "good hell, I'm going to have to log THAT bite. Ugh!")By the time we were done eating the sun had poked through and I knew it was a signal that I was supposed to be weaning myself from this carb-comfort-food addiction I seem to be involved in.

(Snack Time: 3:30ish) 
Instead, I took my son to see Wreck It Ralph, ordered him a medium popcorn (sans butter) and consumed half of it....

After the movie it was 5 pm, and time for dinner.
We hit up Cafe Rio and I ordered a chicken tostada salad, no beans with cheese, add guac both dressings, snatched a couple of bites of Holden's quesadilla and had a taste of his sickening sweet Raspberry Lemonade. Also, the water in West Valley City tastes like tin. Not that I'm a water snob...actually, not that I'm not.

The crowning achievement of my failures today was our "treat." I call it the LEATHERBY's MONSTROSITY. Drum roll please....

Wait for it:

Of course I didn't eat all of it - maybe 10 bites (about 7 too many, but still). 

I ordered it for the raspberries and brownie - I didn't know it was made to feed a small village...
Oddly enough, It would take a village to finish that sucker. You may wonder why I didn't just "share"Holden's treat. Well, I have this thing where I don't eat food the same color as the smurfs. Anyway, I had a few stumbles from my made-from-scratch do-it-yourself food day. But I'm with Melissa. I'm focusing on the positive. The 7 pm rule and my commitment to journaling! 

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